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  1. Chickenhawks

    Did they attack us on our soil? Before we occupied Iraq. in other words, you'd rather have had more americans die first.
  2. New wall/routes at index

    dammit.. i thought it said new wall-routes...
  3. Chickenhawks

    the majority of america is not poor. ever really seen poor people?
  4. The Bush Library

    the president praying has nothing to do w/ the separation of church and state... but it does have everything to do w/ his freedom of religion. ever heard of that?
  5. Five best and worst Presidents!

    Immigration – “Stranger danger!” Government Spending – “I only have this much moneys.” Party Politics – “Everyone is invited to my party!” Slogan – “I Dig the Wig” Ethics – “I’m Ralph Wiggum and I’ve been a good boy.” Political Appointments – Bart Simpson as the Secretary of Indian Burns and Lisa Simpson as his First Ladle Foreign Relations – “When we’re mad we’ll use our words. Then the rest of the world will play nice with us. And the only boom-booms will be in our pants.”
  6. drunk google earth!

    Turn left at the drunk guy...
  7. Titanium pitons

    mountainworks in provo ut. had what seemed to be one of the largest pin selection i've seen. not sure if they do mail-order, but they were, in my experience, very good to work with. link?
  8. captionation contesting....

    "wunna see my nukular warhead"
  9. not for faint-hearted

  10. fat climbers [Tvrash]

    You are gonna get Prole all riled up now. Great job asshole! trust me...the only thing female on that thing is his manboobs... :vomit: and evasive answers
  11. two awesome routes!!! way to get it!
  12. I like FOXNews, but...

    open your mind! just think, maybe someone talking about their experience is exactly that - their experience.
  13. I like FOXNews, but...

    van down by the river....
  14. There are countries fatter than you America`

  15. I like FOXNews, but...

  16. I like FOXNews, but...

    i'm as positive as they come! "planet unicorn HAAAAAYYYY!!!!"
  17. I like FOXNews, but...

    i never said or implied that either.
  18. I like FOXNews, but...

    BS!! and why would it take an obama presidency to do this for you? cuz you won't be obsessed with bush and the blame game? why aren't you willing to do it now?
  19. What a coincidence...

    you're right, but it is better than a conviction. (depending on who you are rooting for, that is) others tho, have been acquitted.
  20. Damn!

    I did. I want to bring the troops home so you can insult them to their faces and get your ass kicked? post pics!
  21. What a coincidence...

    BUMP... the 7th of 8 marines has recieved good news. chessani
  22. Damn!

  23. Iraq

    which is easier to say than bushsurge
  24. Iraq

    without a timeline on that... how is it different than what is and has gone on? the surge to stabilize then withdrawal...