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  1. Who are the poor?

    is your defense that nitrox is more of a racist or alsoa racist?
  2. WTB: Yellow TCU or Mastercam

    yellow tcu.. best cam evarr... if the yellow tcu and the green alien got into a fight... the winner would then fight Ditka...
  3. FS: #3 BIG BRO !SOLD

    i'll take it... e-mail sent!!!
  4. Index Aid Climbing!

    you don't need to mod it, IMHO.
  5. Index Aid Climbing!

    no you don't ::
  6. Ascender back-up device

    You cary a gri-gri and a pulley on your harness while leading sketchy aid pitches? Hard aid is just like hard sport climbing, take all that crap off your harness and make yourself light, it makes a difference. At least thats been my experience and I've lead way to many scary aid pitches in my life. if it's that hard and you're that light - i imagine/hope you'd have a tag line. ...and if you're solo-ing - good chance you've got a gri gri on you
  7. Ascender back-up device

    a good reason to have the gri gri... you can rig up one ascender, a pulley and your gri gri to go frog style up to your high point and have it such that if it blows - the gri gri catches you and not your ascender
  8. Ascender back-up device

    gri gri is the way to go... just learn how to move the lower jug by slightly releasing it with your thumb. maybe this is easier on the yellow death-juggers than other types, i dunno. the gri gri is made to catch falls, feeds easy, is typically on your harness anyway if you're jugging (on walls, at least) and makes it a sinch to turn the system into a self belay method if you end up following part of a pitch on aid or even going free. following a traverse on aid is 'dicey' if you are using your jugs as your belay method.
  9. -Patagucci-OR/Exped-BD-Gregory-

    what are the dimensions of the crash pad?
  10. Off width that can be top roped?

    is that the 10d across the street from classic crack?
  11. Favorite Rope Brands?

    most durable rope i've used: edelweiss sharp. (if you're looking for burly) several big walls, lots of jugging, few big falls.. still looks great! kinda pricey tho.
  12. I've ordered from acmeclimbing.com just a couple times and have been super impressed both times. Tuesday night ordered some loot and got a call yesterday that some things were out of stock and they asked if it was ok substitute em with something slightly better. i, of course, said 'yes'. A friendly person on the phone with a solution was a breath of fresh air as opposed to just a cold e-mail telling me to wait. UPS tracking says it'll be at my door today. great, fast, friendly service...is not dead!!
  13. Offset Cam (Met.) sizes?

    mastercam....best size is blue/yellow. similar to the yellow/green alien which is even better. start w/ that size and start working out from there in both directions.
  14. Mescalito, El Capitan, Yosemite!

    go practice on sweet renton granite... (man, trolls use to have at least some creativity)
  15. FS: Biners, pulley, belay device

    email sent...
  16. WTB - wide gear

    i'm looking for: - #3 big bro (or valley giant equivalent #9) - #4 friend (or bd #4) - #5 friend (or bd #5) ok if it's used...but not thrashed....
  17. WTB - wide gear

    one more try... anyone got a #3 big bro????
  18. Belay Jackets?

    does OR still make one? i've had an OR 'belay jacket' for several years now...tuff as nails!
  19. V 16

  20. V 16

  21. V 16

    that's probably the raddest display of footwork evarrrr!
  22. WTB - wide gear

  23. FS: NEW Jetboil Flash $65

    just sent you an e-mail...
  24. Repubs save schoolchildren

    ok, so it is already introduced. why feed it?