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  1. I got to spend a couple days up here this summer! Very cool stuff! Some very scary stuff as well. But luckily there are LOTS of bolts =) Great job on the crag Mr. Bill Coe and all!!! Rock on!
  2. Mister Leclerc

    WOW!!! How do you free and A5 pitch?!?!?!!?! Rock on!
  3. Check this out guys... http://blog.oregonlive.com/climbing/2011/09/100_days_100_miles_100_climbs.html#postComment That's pretty hardcore if you ask me! Best of luck to you Plaidman! Keep on inspiring!! Rock on!
  4. Huge climbing falls

    Wow! Those falls are crazy. I fell the other day, probably around 6 feet, and thought that was wild. It did scare me. Joe, have you spent a lot of time in the valley? How do you know that 40 foot falls are normal? Crazy! Rock On!
  5. Rocky Butte

    If I don't find any one for "Stone Soup" or a visit to the Conetheadral, any one up for Rocky Butte on Thursday or Friday? I am in Gresham so Broughtons Bluff works as well! Rock on!
  6. before u start bitch'n'bout beacon

    Hey guys looks like my partner had to bail! Anyone interested in going up on "Stone Soup" this Thursday or Friday? I should have all the gear minus the offset aliens, but I could probably borrow some from my regular partner if need be. Even have extra ladders and a jumar(just one though)! I did Skull Queen in Yosemite last year and this has the same grade C2+ so I should feel fine leading any of those pitches. I'm training to hopfully do Mescalito this fall! Just send me a personal message if interested! Rock on! P.S. Dont listen to all the haters! Just climb!
  7. [TR] Coethedral 10/17/2010

    Any one up for tyin to hit up the Conetheadral this week? Looks sunny?!?! Send me a personal message! Also interested in "Stone Soup" on Beacon for some aid. Rock on!
  8. before u start bitch'n'bout beacon

    I am interested in doing some aid on "Stone Soup" this winter! That looks rad!!! No need for hammer or pitons?!? Maybe next week? Not sure if my regular parter is availible or not so anyone else maybe interested? I have some aid experience, Skull Queen in Yosemite, and West Face & East Face of Mokey Face, nothing harder than C2+ but I want to get better to maybe get on Mescalito this year! Rock on!
  9. [TR] Coethedral 10/17/2010

    Hey all! Does any one know if the Conethedral is clear of snow?? Seems like a lot of this years snow pack has melted and it looks sunny next week so just wondering if anyones been up yet? Also I might be in need of a partner if any one wants to check it out? Got all the beta from Climb Max so I am ready to roll! Whats up Portland climbers?!?!?! Rock on!
  10. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Cotter-Bebie 1/26/2011

    Wow that is darn cool!! You guys are mega hardcore!!! Someday I'd love to climb a route like that, just got some new tools and am itchen to swing them into some AI!!!!! Rock on!
  11. where is this?

    I'd love to help if any one is still interested in trying to kill the poison oak! This place looks rad! I have an immunity to Poison Oak so I can def rip it up in tearing that nasty stuff out! Anyone willing to cough up directions?!?! Rock on!
  12. [TR] Mt Hood - North Side 1/22/2011

    This does not make any sense! Looking for some current North Face information? Anyone know if its in? Just got tools for Christmas and I am itching to try them out! Rock on!
  13. If only the Gorge was more solid...

    I'll second that Plaidman!! Rock on!

    Oh also someone interested in carpooling for weekend trips to Smith Rock State Park would be awsome! Rock on!
  15. Ozone Guide for sale on Craigslist

    Awsome! Been looking for a while! Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully no one beat me to it! Rock on!