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  1. Just got on that Teusday and Wednesday- thanks for the #1 and lockers - left one at the belay for repeling. Was that your scarf at the base too?
  2. Size 45, asking price is $220 There is one tooth missing from the zipper on the right boot. I havent had any issues with the zipper. If you want to trade for M11s or hypertractions in 44.5, I would consider that too.
  3. NIce first photo! hell ya! To get a tattoo of your ice tools is dedication. . . what happens if you get new tools?
  4. I got these last year as a cold weather climbing boot. I took some bad advice and bought them too big. After being used a few times, Im looking to sell these and get something that fits. Im looking to get 230 out of them, or make me an offer. These are 550$ boots retail. The only bit of damage is on the right boot. One of the zipper teeth is missing. The zipper still works fine and I have had no issues with the boots.
  5. OOOps, it is the right side. Sorry guys. NO left side.
  6. Forgot that add what everything else looked like too: Fugs: no ice at all Arctic Grail: first 30ft still good, with the last 20 looking better Red rain: still looking thin.
  7. I got a new TR up from today (dec 1st 2010) with new pics. Had Craig not got on the damn thing and put up these pictures I would have gone to school today. . . Thanks!!
  8. The ice is really good right now. The Golden mean is really obvious from the parking lot. Its the only yellow pillar visable, and its lookers left of g2 about 70yards. This trip absolutley ruined my motivation for school. I wana get on ice!
  9. Trip: Frenchmen's - its thin and in - Date: 12/1/2010 Trip Report: Decided that ice climbing was more important than a college education and met up with jpark for a lap on Frenchmen's. Its lookn better than it did in the picture I took on Sunday, but the center is by no means even close to forming. We climbed the splash-form on the left side and the top is realy thin- I bottomed out a 10cm screw. If you look at the top 10ish feet of the climb, notice that ice has bridged over the running water. The upper ten is feet of the climb is just a thin "cone" around the actual flow- from what I saw atleast. I put in a vthread and we rappeled ten feet from the top. The climb its self is really fun. The slpash-form is really cool and unique. Its like shallow mushrooms with daggers hanging from the bottoms. I makes from some really cool movements on ice. This is me leading: one more look at it from bellow: Gear Notes: Placed 2 16s, 2 13s, and bottomed out a 10 (yikes!). Approach Notes: Park anywhere and walk to base
  10. That has filled in way more since sunday!!! hell ya!!
  11. Trip: Hyalite - Date: 11/28/2010 Trip Report: A large Bellingham crew spent last week in Hyalite Canyon for Thanksgiving. Amoung us was Dyan, Kevin, Dustin, Brandon, Austin, Brian, and meself. We stayed at the TLC inn, which has the best bargin going! You can pack as many people as you can into one room and thr rate is still 50$ for two beds. Everything is looking fat in the canyon and one of the guys from Northern Lights (the gear shop in town) said they are plowing the road year-round now. WOOO-HOOOO Day one Looked like this: After driving until 3:30 am we were a little unmotivated to walk and spent the day on top rope at G1 to get back into ice mode. Dustin, Kevin, and myself all soloed lower green sleeves that day too. Day two: We all decided to head to the unnamed all that morning and took over the craig! We got on the elevator shaft, the fat one, and magically delicious me on the elevator shaft: Dyan and Kevin: Day three: We decided to split up this day. Austin, Dyan, Brian, and myself went to the corner climbs and lower green sleeves. Brian led his first pitch of ice and I got another solo lap in. The rest of the crowd headed to upper green sleeves and G2 Brian gitn it done! Me on the left corner climb Day four: We split up again this day as well. Dustin, Kevin, and Brandon went to the mummy coulor while Dyan, Austin, Brian, and myself went to G2, the Hangover, and Golden Mean Me on G2 Brian on the Hangover Me on the Hangover Hanging out in the cave behind Golden Mean Me (in green) and Austin (in red) at the base of Golden Mean me on the golden mean Day 5: We all drive home and Brandon and I stopped in Vantage and got on the first 30ft of Arctic Grail (see other TR) Gear Notes: Lots of screws. Placed 13s, 16s, 19s, and 22s. Approach Notes: Get on I90 and go east. Get off in Bozeman. The road into the canyon is getting plowed year around
  12. sorry messing up the title. . . anyone know how to put that back up there?
  13. Trip: Vantage ice conditions - arctic grail Date: 11/29/2010 Trip Report:Vantage ice condition- actic grail ON the way home from Hyalite (T/R pending on that trip) we decided to stop in Vantage and have a look around. No ice on Fuggs A little itty-bitty on Red Rain Frenchmen's needs a few more days Arctic Grail . . . not the full 75ft, but we got on it anyway up close it looks like this. The lower 30ft is in Me running out of ice and having no rock pro. . . not that it would have have mattered. And Brandon following The pro was little to none, but the ice was good. if the cold weater continues, someone might get up Frenchmen's soon. Its ice season!!!!! -sick Gear Notes: Placed one 13, one 10, and managed to get a 16 in for a vthread Approach Notes: Wait until no one is looking. . . jump the fence and run! (dont get caught with your pants down)
  14. Nice seeing you guys out there. You should have ventured over to Frenchman falls with us on the way home. . . .looking goood. I'll try to get a pic of it up shortly along with the stuff we did in hyalite as well.
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