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  1. [TR] Spider - Arachnophobia 12/3/2011

    fun stuff, and a familiar face to boot.
  2. Anyone know about snow conditions and access up icicle? looking to boulder in mad meadows and up in forest land....
  3. L'worth bouldering conditions

    rad. thanks for feedback. pete, not looking for sun, just dry ice-cold boulders.
  4. Home-made Forearm Machine

    that's cool. bigwallben who posts here and cranks hard used to do his roller bar exercises religiously after a day at the crag. i think mainly for tendinitis issues.
  5. Ring Training?

    ok cool, thanks for clarification. yeah i thought you were dismissing rings completely, and mainly because you thought them a fad. yeah for a beginning climber, better ways to spend one's time i'm sure. unless one is simply siked on the rings. interesting side-note: i read gymnastics moves are classified from A to E, A being easiest, and an iron cross is only a B.
  6. Ring Training?

    rilly? perhaps expertise in swiss balls is your domain:) but i doubt, no matter how fantastical, that they'll be short-listed for the next olympics (along with the stability board or the foam rollers). point being: to do specific ring protocols requires tremendous strength, strength that is highly specific to rock climbing. and no, i don't think this type of strength is developed nearly as effectively with swiss balls (unless you know something i don't!). it would take more than swiss balls to get me as sore as i am today, and i doubt the pain would be confined to my upper body.
  7. Ring Training?

    thanks for feedback. i'm thinkin the next 2 months will see a buncha ring work for me. something i did today: i can't hold an iron cross, but i can if i put the rings halfway up my forearms. i could do lowers and raises and hold for a while, so i figure i'll slowly put em closer and closer to my wrists as i get stronger. btw, what's stopping you on heart transplant? i remember the crux being a really high right foot, and throwing to a r hand crimp. v6 or v7, from what i remember....
  8. Ring Training?

    so what do you guys do? are you all working towards an iron cross? muscle ups? and have you gotten big strength returns that affect your climbing? did a ring workout two days ago with all the exercises listed in sol's link, plus attempts at lowering into iron cross; climbing doesn't get me sore anymore, but everything in my upper body hurts today. literally.
  9. Free Speech Quiz

    if a fight broke out, then quite evidently the school officials are not in a position to stop it preemptively (because it has already happened). It seems inconceivable that scotus would rule against students wearing an american flag t shirt.
  10. Free Speech Quiz

    this sounds like a job for scotus.
  11. Ring Training?

    depends on the climbing you do, but sol provided some nice links regardless.
  12. All 20 top marathoners are Kenyan!

    Interesting article. Also interesting: no mention of PED's in the article. Hard to think that somehow the marathon would be the one athletic event exempted from PED use....
  13. Republican Nominees for Prez

    not thinking yer seeing the whole picture here. palin wasn't running her own campaign, and cain wasn't terribly concerned about getting elected. well, until he started thinking shit maybe i got a chance at something better than good publicity: great publicity and even better policy.
  14. Outdoor Climbing Tips for Kids

    thanks for the tip. it's actually a good climbing shoe, unlike what she had. she still climbs better barefoot, but is improving with the shoe every time. does vw set problems for the 3' crowd? seija's getting kinda bored on the vert jugs at sbp, and trying to make the reach on interesting harder problems.... I might be checking out the new vw soon (along with the little rockers!).
  15. Outdoor Climbing Tips for Kids

    ok rumr, so not only is it a bridge, but it goes somewhere. and cheap! let's talk.
  16. Sell out?

    I'd like to know exactly what people's definitions of a "sell out" is.
  17. Sell out?

    i'm sure they'll be contacting you soon, and then you can tell them to fuck off.
  18. Sell out?

    "sell out" presumes some sort of assumption about Kevin Jorgerson that I am unaware of.
  19. Speed Ascents

    it's all pretty silly really: one doesn't seem any less silly than the other to me. but if it wasn't all silly, it wouldn't be nearly as fun, i suppose (like bouldering and sport climbing). can't say i really get the part about putting oneself in so much objective danger though, especially if one has family.... i'd imagine there's something a bit unexamined going on.
  20. Which Mitt?

    Sure he's got his little aliens from Alpha X "Mormon Problem", but I think Perry's got bigger terrestrial problems to really be considered a viable candidate. Which means Obama vs Romney
  21. Alex Honnold

    yeah kinda mind-blowing, but keep in mind he free solos stuff that's way within his limits. He's bouldered what, V12 or 13, and redpointed 14b or c, so relative to that, it's understandable. Reardon is the one who really blew me away, onsite soloing 5.13 (ok kinda lowball), and multi-pitch 12b, while not being incredibly strong. seeing photos of him ropeless on Romantic Warrior truly made me ill, knowing he had onsite soloed that insecure horror show.
  22. Nason Ridge topo?

    if you mean the one that used to have a plastic hold on it: 13a or b. it's called Heart Transplant.
  23. Bolting overhanging routes

    depends on a couple of things: how steep? and where is it located?
  24. i do believe i will put trust in my ability to light a road flare whilst being charged by an enraged sow grizzly. silly russkies.
  25. Miura sizing?

    as per rad's input, i'd consider if the miura is the right shoe for what you are doing. perhaps a new pair of mythos? or one of the myriad velcro slippers that i personally favor for more moderate multipitch; it's nice to slip out of shoes quickly at belays.