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  1. A few screen shots might help sales! People do like to see what they are buying. IMO
  2. Index is more suited for this type of climbing.
  3. Link doesn't work. But with today's technological age, digital cameras and adobe photo shop. I bet you could make up a digital guide in a few hours.
  4. That was my plan too. Call me after 7
  5. Anyone want to climb at Exit 38, 32, or Index on Saturday? Anytime between 7 am to 5 pm. Let me know. Text or PM 206.802.5625 Gabe
  6. Anyone been up there lately? I heard the approach road is completely overgrown. I'd like to know. I'd like to head up there and poop my pants again. Last time i was there. 10 years ago. i was 50 feet over the last bolt and the one I was looking at was smashed by falling rock. To be young and adventurous again.
  7. Link to the new route at index in the country area. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/var-to-finish-of-hotc-right-ventricle/108243550 Old bolts on existing route were replaced by DT and Jenny.
  8. It's closed. Falcon closure till June or July.
  9. Whoever is cleaning the old routes at the Lower Lump Pm me please.
  10. I usually tie two stick clips together and clip the anchors. That way I feel at ease when I climb. Seriously, that is such a great picture. I'm thinking about making it my screen saver.
  11. Didn't you know? They left the "X" on the rock for you. So you could carry it down for them. I do it all the time because I know you are going to climb right after me. Plus I am too lazy to carry the rock down myself.
  12. Looking for a partner for Tues or Wed. Climb from 11-6 or 7. Index or the Exits works for me. (Sport or Trad) Gabe Text or Call 206-802-5625
  13. Went climbing on Fri with a group of 4 friends at Index. Was a good day!
  14. Looking for a climbing partner for Saturday May 12th. Index, Railyard, Darrington, 32, or 38. You call it. Im good to go all day! Trad or sport. I need to get out. I don't mind driving as long as You can make it to a half way meeting point. Im coming from Mill Creek! NO last minute bailing please! Gabe Text me 206.802.5625
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