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  1. SMC made *shallow angles. I'd be happy to take them all.
  2. Awesome. Cass and I were eyeing that area on A peak when we were out there in early March. I'm surprised to hear the ice flows on the left went at AI3. Seems like really great terrain with good, featured rock. From the one route I've done out there, the rock didn't seem to be open enough to take much gear. Although that's only one route and rappel to inspect things. I also thought it would be too late in the year to head out again, but obviously I was wrong. Amazingly I won the enchantments lottery so I'll go there in May. Doubt I can get away with taking more time off from work until July, though, so I probably won't get out to Granite Lake again until next season. Still have a couple lines I'm interested in, and thanks to your high-res photos I can see they'll probably go. But might be too hard for me.
  3. That's awesome! Looks like great conditions. Photos on your web page make it look much more exciting than what I saw on Facebook.
  4. Trout creek will be in the 30’s apparently. Not as bad as most places.
  5. My trip to visit family in CA was canceled, and I'd like to spend time this next week to climb. Weather is harsh now but hopefully clear mid-week, clear enough to settle avalanches. I was hoping to climb Hood on the drive back, but I'd still go there. An alternative would be Trout Creek or Vantage. Just want to climb and I've got a week off.
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