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  1. question HELP!! Small feet, can't find boots!!!

    My wife found her single mountaineering boots, 6.5, on Sierra Trading Post, ordered several sizes to find the right one and sent the rest back for free. Might try that option for doubles. I also might look at back country ski boots. The new ones climb just as well as old plastics. Might have better luck finding small sizes locally as well since the bc ski market is bigger.
  2. FS: Silvretta 300 ski bindings

    Wow, 7 years! I have some old approach skis and salewa tour bindings if you are looking.
  3. Sorry! I just wanted to share the info for the future. I guess we've all taken our tools for a long walk in he bushes though, it's a Cascades passage but bummer on the phone. I'd head back in this weekend if anyone wants. Not sure how it will all fare though.
  4. Doh! We did your same scoping from the road and a few mins down the creek on Sunday. Then we drove to the end of the road and did a fun 3 pitch wi 2-3 next to the demon mine. Might get snowed under and rained out this week though.
  5. 2019/2020 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Found some fun moderate ice below Lennox Mtn! About 3000’ so may be getting rained on and the road may no longer be easy to drive. Low snow made avy danger a non issue this weekend.
  6. review Denali - Ski Boot Help

    Wildsnow.com had some detailed Denali ski planning posts from 2018 and 2019 that might be worth reading, sounds like some like bigger boots and some made due with 40 below overboots or similar. It does depend on your feet, overboots won’t help if you don’t have enough circulation.
  7. [TR] Eldorado Peak - NW Couloir 11/02/2019

    Cool, that looks great!
  8. FS: Solo Aid Self Belay Device, Climbing Ladders

    Wow, that’s a 9 year old FS ad! Better luck posting a wanted ad!
  9. Belay Device Survey for Highschool Engineering Class

    Link doesn’t work.
  10. question Ice Axe transportation

    Another option is to get some like 1” inside diameter clear flexible tubing from the hardware store and shove a 6” piece of that over the pick and teeth. Just make sure you take it off before it gets cold outside as the tubing gets harder in the cold and can get stuck in there. cardboard and tape is just about free though and works! I also pack on the bottom of my duffel, pick flat against the bottom.
  11. Nice work, cool map too. And not a single selfie!
  12. I got these used a few years ago and really haven’t used em much. Gravel Racing crampon fronts bolted to old Sportiva mountain boots with custom heel spurs (also comes with the Grivel heels). Boots are beat up but worked, size 10 or so. There is finally ice, go climb some hard shit for me! Meet up near Seattle or $10 shipping. PM or call text three six O -301 twenty five eighty five.
  13. I found a historical fire layer map in my Gaia app that was super handy for this. We used em in the Pasayten last year and it was pretty spot on.
  14. What hapened with the site?

    Woot! Thanks Jon.
  15. What hapened with the site?

    Anyone else having trouble loading the home page? I try on my iphone and just get this with safari or chrome. If I go to a sub page it loads just fine.
  16. [TR] Shuksan, Icy, Ruth - Nooksack Traverse 03/01/2019

    Yikes! But glad it worked out!
  17. ice climbing 2018/2019 OR/WA Ice Conditions

    Grrr, why'd I have to go and break my wrist mountain biking two weeks ago?!? Go get it folks and post TRs for me!
  18. Little Big Chief

    Here is the route we took, now I'm one step closer to a TR! I think Martin's route started farther right towards the snow patch and angled up those ramps to catch up with the last few straight up pitches we did. The obvious point Kuckuzka pointed out looks like the best rock and probably fun climbing but with little natural pro as far as we could tell, but that isn't the summit. We had another 15 minutes of ridge scrambling once we topped out in this photo.
  19. I love that area too, thanks for sharing your TR!
  20. [TR] Buckhorn Mountain - High Traverse 11/18/2018

    Nice, I love this that time of year. I camped on the ridge between buckhorn and marmot pass once in late November and watched the clouds fill up the valleys in the evening with the sun setting on clear skies above. Amazing!
  21. Little Big Chief

    Teaser shots:
  22. [TR] Three Queens - SE Shoulder 10/21/2018

    A couple friends of mine skies over that way and down the valley north of summit chief this spring. I still need to do a TR about going in to the north face of little summit chief based on his pics. Thanks for sharing some good fall scrambling!