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  1. colchuck balance rock descent?

    One of the easiest descents in the range. From the summit a single rope rap off the backside gets you to easy ground. Climbers trail leads south then west on scree and pebbles. Contours around the mtn and back to the west side basin. I usually descend in my climbing shoes and drop into the basin high to retrieve my approach shoes that I stash on the biggest boulder. Esentially snow free right now.
  2. Tumwater fire and the Enchantments

    The Icicle and Stuart Range are actually pretty clear. Fire and smoke is in general to the north of us. Worse in Cashmere and Wenatchee today then in Ltown. Lots of folks in town heading up the Icicle for a reprieve from the smoke. The fam and I will be heading up there later on this afternoon, I can post an update this evening.
  3. Brushing

  4. Colchuck Conditions Question

    NBC could be a little lean from a pic I just looked at on instagram but it's likely fine. Highest temps of the year scheduled tomorrow (90's) in Ltown but a big cool down to 70's on Tuesday, could be ideal, might be a tad stormy. Andrew, feel free to crash at our place either before or after. Shoot me a PM if you like.
  5. [TR] Yosemite - The Nose 5.9 A2 6/3/2014

    Nice work gentlemen! John, Salathe next?
  6. Barney's Rubble fer sure
  7. What are you climbing?

    Acid Baby, Valkyrie, Solid Gold, South Face, and Der Sportsmen good to go in the Stuart Range i'm thinking..
  8. I've got your harness! Shoot me a PM and we'll figure out how to get it back to you. -Sol
  9. Accident on NF of Shuksan today?

    So sorry to hear this. Condolences to the friends and family of the fallen climber.
  10. Snow Creek Wall: Hyperspace Saturday 5/3

    I always though a good link up would be the direct start to outerspace to edge of space to hyperspace w/ psychopath.
  11. Leavenworth Cragging Conditions

    its a go though may be mildly drippy. mad ticks yo.
  12. My friends Jens Holsten and Vern Nelson were out that day on D-tail. They started up the Cotter-Bebie but when it started storming and spindriting and when the ice ran out they moved over to the Serpentine Arete to finish. Jens remarked what a wild place those upper couloirs would have been in those conditions.
  13. That'll put some hair on your chest, nice work!
  14. I found a single Team 5.10 climbing shoe at a bouldering zone in Ltown. This bad-boy looks pretty new and is quite expensive... somebody out there is bumming.
  15. Describe the pad and where it was lost and we can work out the rest.
  16. Trip: Mt-Maude - North Face Descent Date: 4/14/2014 Trip Report: Chris Petry and I had a blast sledding up the Chiwawa River Road last week and riding the North Face of Mt Maude. We found 1-6 inches of light alpine pow on the north side and creamy corn on the south side. Road was closed 2.7 miles in. Bare road for about the first 1/2 mile then mostly continuous snow from there. 23.1 miles one way. One easily negotiable blowdown shortly before the Phelps Creek TH. Too lazy to deal with cc.com pic upload.. Full TR here: http://solclimbs.blogspot.com/2014/04/full-circle-on-north-face-of-mt-maude.html Gear Notes: Crampons, light tool, whippet. Approach Notes: 46.2 miles round trip via snowmobiles. 18 miles round trip on skis/splitboards.
  17. Thanks guys! Darin: if felt good to blog, I've got tons of old trips on the backburner, I'll try to step it up. Too bad all the stability in the hills has been ruined by April dumpage, back to the drawing board eh..
  18. Frostbite Long Term Effects

    Likely raynauds syndrome d/t vascular damage associated with your frostbite. I know LOTS of skiiers who deal with it in their toes. Your previous cold injury increased the risk of subsequent vasomotor hyperactivity. Go see your family MD, it can be treated.
  19. Nice! I have fond memories of a spring season years ago climbing the SGC one week then the ICG the next. Can't really tell from your pic, did you find any powder snow in the sherpa?
  20. WTB: Campus Rungs

    Starting my power phase, need more campus rungs. I know there's gotta be some of you folks around here with neglected campus boards. Help a brother out! PM or email: solwertkin at gmail.com
  21. WTB: Campus Rungs

    Thanks Anton, I gotta go with wood rungs i'm thinking.