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      Huge thank you to Bellingham based The American Alpine Institute for being our sole sponsor, taking care of our hosting costs,  which is our biggest cost.  @Jason_Martin  of AAI reached out to me, and really wanted to support the forums.  They have supported us in the past,  and now stepped up to support us again.  They will be our sole sponsor for 6 months.   Big time, and they are a local climbing related company to boot!  


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  1. EVOLV CRUZER PSYCHE approach shoe Mens 10.5 $60

  2. EVOLV CRUZER PSYCHE approach shoe Mens 10.5 $60

    Price Bump $50
  3. Mens size 10.5. Essentially brand new in box. I wore them around the block to try them out and that is it. Official link below for description. $60. Located in Tacoma. http://www.evolvsports.com/shop/approach-shoes/cruzer-psyche-slate/ http://www.evolvsports.com/shop/approach-shoes/cruzer-psyche-slate/
  4. Out of control dogs at the Coulee

    My dogs name is Sharma...surely he be off leash right?? It is funny though when we call his name around the crag and talk about Sharma being back at camp, the chatter around the crag about Sharma possibly being in the area is hilarious. Maybe I should change the dogs name to Honnold...
  5. Lane Peak in?

    Anyone know if the zipper or the fly is "in shape" on Lane peak?
  6. FS: $300 REI Gift Card for $265

    I really don't need a $300 gift card to REI so some one please buy this thing. I will drop the price to $265 that's $35 for free!!!
  7. FS: $300 REI Gift Card for $265

    Bump for price drop
  8. FS: $300 REI Gift Card for $265

    I have a $300 gift card for REI...looking to sell it for $285 $265. Good way to grab an extra $15 $35 off a purchase if you were planning on purchasing something from there any way. Will prove the value of the card before purchase to ensure you are not getting a piece of plastic.
  9. FS Silvretta 404 Bindings

    These still available
  10. Beginner snow/snice/couloir climbs

    What kind of weather patterns am i to be looking for to know if some of these route are "in" or not? What things am i to be looking for at the base of a climb to affirm that?
  11. Beginner snow/snice/couloir climbs

    Great thanks AJPederson...i did some searching but couldn't find much thanks for reply
  12. Beginner snow/snice/couloir climbs

    Hey Guys- Im looking for suggestions on some moderately easily assessable snow/snice/ice/couloir climbs. Climbs that are good for getting used to using 2 tools and placing snow/ice protection. I know most climbs like this have to be "in" before attempted and would appreciate any beta on those details that can be provided. The ultimate goal is to get on these routes many times throughout the season to get a feel for different conditions of how they are "in" and "out". Would the fly or the zipper on Lane peak in MRNP be one that fits into this category of climbs im asking for? Thanks
  13. Wife lost her ice axe on Muir Snowfield

    If anyone finds a blue 60cm ice axe on the Muir Snowfield please PM me. My wife some how lost it on the way down (prob sliding on her ass). looking at photos its prob in the 8k down to pebble creek area. If found and returned, I have a case of Sierra Nevada's highly coveted collaboration "Beer Camp" featuring alot of beers you cant get in WA http://beercamp.sierranevada.com/ with your name all over it. Thanks
  14. What are you climbing?

    These were 2 main thoughts i had about the enchantments. Im dont mind seeing a few people but i would rather stay away from crowded crags. @Rad, your assumption wasn't incorrect, i am looking for rock routes but not limited to that. I will have my wife with me so i wont be getting on any hard rock routes with her. @dave schultz We have climbed the SW Rib on SEWS before so...looking for another area that we haven't visited.
  15. [TR] Mt. Graybeard - North Face 5/11/2014

    Great TR! Glad you made it back safe.