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  1. Woman partner Monday

    Looking for a woman partner who is an experienced belayer for Monday. Either Index, or if you are crazy enough, a day trip up to Squamish. Have gear, can lead 9’s and easy 10’s. Be happy to lead or follow or both. Thanks. Christine
  2. Last minute partner search for a woman partner who is an experienced lead belayer. Lworth tomorrow? Have gear and can lead or follow or both. Thanks. Christine
  3. Index 8/12 woman partner

    Last minute partner bail. Looking for woman partner with experience lead belaying for tomorrow (Sunday) at Index. I have gear and can lead or follow or both.
  4. Woman partner Thus?

    Found a partner. Thanks
  5. Woman partner Thus?

    Looking for woman climbing partner who is experienced in lead belaying for Thursday. I am experienced climber who has gear, would be happy to lead or follow or both. Thanks! Christine
  6. If you left an alpine draw at the base of Tatoosh, let me know what it looks like so I can return it to you. Thanks.
  7. Looking for a woman partner for Monday who is experienced in belaying. Index is raining, and my partner for Index can’t drive to Lworth. I am experienced, can lead 9’s and easy 10’s, have gear, and would be happy leading, following, or both.
  8. Last minute partner look. Something came up for Monday and can’t go. Looking for an experienced woman belayer for rock climbing tomorrow (Sunday). I am experienced climber, have gear, be happy to lead or follow or both. Thanks.
  9. Looking for a woman partner with lead belay experience for Monday the 11th. I am an experienced climber, can usually lead 9’s and easy 10’s, have gear, be happy to lead or follow or both. Hoping for Index, but would go to Lworth if Index is wet. Christine
  10. Outdoor climbing partner needed :)

    I’m looking for a partner for Monday 11th if you are available.
  11. Write Off Rock bolts?

    Did some bolts get chopped on Write Off Rock at Deception? Took the kids there today, and it seemed some of the climbs had fewer bolts than in the guidebook? It wasn’t a big deal as 5.2 my kids wanted to do was easy enough to set up without bolts, but someone started the climb next to us and realized there wasn’t as many bolts as the guidebook said.
  12. no longer looking

    Why am I not allowed to delete the post?
  13. ISO kids's climbing shoes

    Looking for shoes for my 4 year old. He is wearing size 12-13. But if you have bigger size for a good deal, I would be interested in buying them for the future. Please email me at clee03m@yahoo.com for faster response. Thanks. Christine
  14. Hello, I am trying to find a place to bring my 4 and 2 year old at Leavenworth. I am also nursing a sprained ankle and pregnant, so I am not looking forward to death slab approaches or Leavenworth butt slides. Any ideas on areas with short friendly approaches, flat base for kids to play in, and some easy climbs mixed in? Thanks. Christine
  15. Kid Friendly Climbing Areas

    I thought it might be fun if we could have a list of kid friendly areas. Let's keep it specific ie. not Leavenworth, but Classic Crack area. Maybe we can add whether it is top ropable in case pregger moms might not feel comfortable leading. Squamish: Smoke Bluffs (top rope friendly in many areas) Idex: the Country Leavenworth: Classic Crack area Exits: Deception area Smith: Main area Vantage: Feathers