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  1. The Greatest Climber in the world.

  2. Mountain House at Costco

    Tacoma Costco has mountain house as well, same price. LOL, bought some of their Kirkland brand vodka, one bowling pin sized bottle runs 28 plus 6 dollars tax. Rumor had it the house vodka was relabeled Grey Goose (GG)...but it is not, however it is rated superior to GG..we shall see.
  3. BioLite Stove w/ USB Charger

    Just got mine today, gonna fire it up tomorrow and see what it can do. First impressions are that its moderately durable, time will tell, comes with starter sticks (wax and sawdust) only 6 included so might be for "adverse" situations.
  4. Keep yer effin beta to yourself!

    i'm sure cc.com has at least helped one guy get blown I look forward to hearing that story! Yeah we need to update that story about Trask and his belayer.
  5. Mountain House at Costco

    Nice tip! I can tolerate the most mundane things but these add a little bonus despite their lack of body, the rice would add some needed texture as well.
  6. Mountain House at Costco

    None at the Tacoma location, we looked feverishly to no avail. Well keep checking back throughout the Summer season though, thanks for the tip!
  7. Hey Matt! This summer we should connect, I have a wacky midweek off schedule that sadly does not allow for much climbing time since most folks are weekenders. We can PM data for times/windows. Yeah the short traverse pitch to the base of the long pitch that intercepts the Kone, the belay at the end of the traverse is dubious rusty button heads and tat, the only real mank on the route that I noticed. Either way the place rocks! I just wish it wasn't so far from Tacoma Cheers!
  8. Outstanding! I am hoping to get out there next week. Looks like ya'll had a great trip and thanks for the service work on the route. I do remember the belay at the base of the crux pitch was also a bit manky. If no one has touched it I might bring some gear and clean it up. Cheers
  9. Great!

  10. what does a "runout" mean to you

    *Like* Anything in the Needles of South Dakota.
  11. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Looks like it's about 10+ years out, but still. Anyone more familiar? KIRO - Skykomish Dam proposal
  12. Stupid use of FB "like" button

    Apparently Carol Hopper Keesling owns a cat named Snow and is a Republican.
  13. Skykomish Dam...is this new?

    Cool I guess, perhaps it will just fade away. Thanks for the link Jim, very cool stuff.
  14. SE Tacoma burglary shout out

    Whenever I post in spray, even a public service type announcement, I anticipate it may go south. I don't condone direct personal attacks, but it's always curious to see where the trail leads. Raindawg and Pope are good guys, we may not agree on the bolt/glue/chip thing but good peeps is good peeps.
  15. SE Tacoma burglary shout out

    Too bad a thread in spray had to be modified... Seems to be a recurring theme.
  16. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    Out there today with Btustison, great times, no other folks and O_W's dogs kept us company. Some seepage on the left side but right is pretty dry and nice. Found a Rope in a BD rope bag and a green jacket on the older belay platform. Both were wet so we moved them to the O_W's carport in case anyone comes a looking. Thanks again O_W, we will be back
  17. Spray Paint on Slesse Descent. WTF!?!

    Your utter ignorance speaks for itself. Spray paint is the worse, horrid even. Bolting, well it's all about the end product. Archaeology is like getting good FA info in a guidebook, its fun and interesting and they will revegetate the valley anyway when they are done.
  18. Keep yer effin beta to yourself!

    Quotable and stolen. TYVM!
  19. Old gear?

  20. Old gear?

    Heavier but classic and bomber. Just replace the slings (as you have done), buy some new UL Biners to replace the heavy ones and you should be fine. Plus having an older rack, peeps won't look at you like a noob with all shiny new stuff. It's a win/win situation!
  21. Lazy Guidebook Authors

    I love complete area history. Too many authors leave out FA info, anecdotes and style data. I find that stuff enhances the overall experience majorly. But mebbe thats Geezerish...I will accept that.
  22. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

  23. Best WA climbing vids

    Sweet video, product placement is everything.