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  1. Dog on Mt. St. Helens

    I'll be up on the summer route this weekend (11/15/2014); I'll look around..... Anyone else headed up for some early season fun on the summer route?
  2. Your Welcome! After responding to the knee(she was awesome!), most of the Volcano Rescue Team then responded to an Ape Caves call. I myself got home Sunday night at 2:30am. The worst part was, most of the husbands on the team were waiting to buy flowers that night; it seems waiting to the last moment backfired on us, haha. I'm glad that the weekend was a great success for all; it's truly a wonderful thing to see everyone help out where they can.
  3. Mt. St. Helens Climbers Bivy

    June. I hope before the 9th though.....Keep checking their site at: http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mountsthelens/recarea/?recid=31516
  4. Hood weather snowpack beta for Old Chute

    I guess what I meant to say is that spring climbing will be here soon enough - As in Bluebird days, postholing down from the Hogsback. My last couple times skiing at Timberline, and skinning to the top of Palmer; there are plenty of winter storms still beating the shit out of Hood.
  5. Hood weather snowpack beta for Old Chute

    hahaha. that is EXACTLY what my ski partner on the climb said. So it looks like it's going to be Timberline lifts on Friday, and fresh pow on Helens Sunday.
  6. Coming to Vancouver, USA

    It's now been open for a year and a half or so; and at this time business seems to be booming with families, kids, and new climbers. No dirty feet smell yet either. 36ft may be a bit short when looking at other local gyms, but running a couple laps in a row on 5.9 nose route will cure any doubt that the route setters know what they are doing. This gym is what Vancouver needed; so at least stop by and check it out, maybe pick up a punchcard (They never expire.....)
  7. In reading all the NWAC and looking at the trends for the weekend of April 12th and 13th; I'm a bit concerned regarding new snow and possibly winds above 9k. Anyone's thoughts on a Friday night climb through the Old Chute? I know spring is here soon enough; but a late winter climb has been on my radar for a few years.
  8. South and Middle Sister AT ski season?

    Sounds like I have a big window in front of me then; thanks all! Water, if your up to it again this year for a SS-MS traverse in a long push let me know. I'm not sure if this is an easy one dayer on AT gear, or if a short bivy would be better, but either way; I need to hit the Sisters this year.
  9. Looking for a little beta on when ss and ms are great for some touring this year. Is there a "better" route for AT then the standard climb routes? Is May to late? Water; have you toured here?
  10. Reid HW solo

    Awesome work. Music choice that night?
  11. Glissade down Mt Adams?

    Did you end up going? I've got a rough idea about a trip on the 22nd weekend. Just starting to look at things.........
  12. Instagram Hash Tags and such

    Have not heard of Instagram yet? I just checked, they have over 12 million users - and FB just purchased them for a billion bucks; so I apologize for the assumption. I was only attempting to give the regular CC gallery posters a "hashtag" to use if they are also instagram users. Not only are idiots like me posting occasional photos, but some great photographers are posting fantastic shots of places. No harm in posting this info on this thread, right? A thousand pardons. And to you Matt, skin up Hood in a few weeks?
  13. As a new Instagram user, I've found many great photographers documenting trips and adventures. A few companies also post great stuff and run a contest once and awhile. So why not join the band-wagon and start a hashtag for CC? Why not spread my username around in hopes that you follow and play along with the MicroAdventures. What else are you going to do when you should be working anyway? Cascade Climber hashtag: #CascadeClimbers Instagram username: @weekdays_are_for_recovery Login and look without an account: http://statigr.am/philliptrost
  14. Overdue climber on Hood

    Water, I have not read much beyond the AP press release; Did Jared have an ice tool or a standard axe? It's such a tough stop on hard ice with either. I feel for his wife and kids; this will be a tough time for them.
  15. [TR] North Sister - SE Ridge 9/10/2011

    Man; was my TP still there on the TT? That was an epic poo. What's new water? Hike up to Irock saddle this weekend?