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Found 37 results

  1. Lost my BD Alpine Carbon Cork trekking poles while glissading from the false summit on Saturday, July 11, around 8 AM. Happy to pay a finder's fee!
  2. I made a trip up to Steamboat Prow today and unfortunately, during my transition at the top, a gust of wind sent my helmet flying down the slopes of the Inter Glacier into the basin. I thought I might find it on my way down, but no luck! If you find a helmet let me know!

    This is a long shot, but my yellow (looks gold) patagonia M10 jacket was blown down into the newton clark glacier as we were crossing low on our way to the Wyeast face. If anyone somehow finds this badboy i would give a solid reward.
  4. Hi Guys, On Sunday March 22nd I left a shiny new pair of ice tools atop the Wy’East Face. If someone grabs them and would be willing to return them, my dumb ass would be happy to offer a handsome reward. Thank you! -JT
  5. Hi all! I lost an ice axe on my way down the St Helens summit. It's axe is a Camp USA Neve. Others in my group actually encountered someone who found my ice axe but know I had lost mine at the time. Thanks!
  6. Lost Swany Men's x-change black mitten - Black, tan, and red size large. Forgot them on the roof of my car when leaving Mt. St. Helens snowshoeing area near June Lake on Sunday
  7. UPDATE: PACK RETURNED! Posting for a friend: 8:30pm Saturday night his backpack was left at the pullout across from Cutthroat at WA Pass. Returned at 10:30pm after realizing it was left behind, but someone had picked it up already. It was one of the three guys in the yellow van. Please, hit me up if you know its whereabouts! Notes left on cars and at the Mazama store. Bummer end to their fun day! https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/118111639/washington-pass-arcteryx-backpack-with-ice-climbing-gear
  8. dropped 8+ from snow creek wall (iconoclast) Sept 19th. Probably smashed to bits but would like to recover.
  9. Yesterday (Sunday Aug 18th) I left my BD Distance Z trekking poles at the Blue Lake TH at WA Pass early afternoon. If anyone came across them please let me know, I'd be thrilled to get them back. Thanks!
  10. lost Lost Iphone 7 plus

    Hey there! I lost my Iphone 7 plus while backpacking in Sisters, Oregon. Could have been anywhere between Camp Lake to the PCT Junction near Reese Lake. Black Phone with a clear case and blue border. There are several photos of myself and friends on the back. If found, email me at nelson@sonoma.edu
  11. My partner and I topped out on SEWS on 7/25 (Thursday) around 12pm, and descended using the South Arete. Early in the descent, he took out his phone to take some pictures, and must've set it down and forgotten it. It's an iPhone SE in a red case. There were quite a few people coming up behind us yesterday, and it seems to be nice weather today, so fingers crossed that someone finds it. If you know someone who was out there on Thursday, please ask them!
  12. Hey Everyone, On Wednesday, 7/24, with a help of some great friends, I pulled off a little project I had of climbing 43 pitches in a day at Index. It was a great time and i highly recommend it! Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and we ended up with some gear missing. I had a rack for the routes at the crags closer to the parking lot, LTW, Country, Inner walls, etc and we had another rack up at the Lookout point area climbs. After I finished GM / Heart of the Country I lowered off and left some of my rack at the base of the climb while 2 friends climbed and cleaned the route and then they climbed for a bit on Phone calls from the Dead while I took off to Private Idaho. When they finished up and rapped to the base of GM / HOC there was another party starting up and there was some confusion as to what gear was ours and what was the other party’s. It sounds like the belayer was a newer climber and thought the gear was her partners. So my friends left the gear there thinking it was the other party’s This was probably around 4pm. I looked through my gear and it looks like the missing gear includes: a .3 C4, new set of BD ultralights .5-2, set of DMM offsets, a yellow mastercam, 3 draws, maybe 1 or 2 alpine draws, a black BD rope bag and a petzl Williams locker. All my gear is marked with blue nail polish. Take care, Gabe 206-719-6970 base697@me. com
  13. Left the cam on accident. Weather was getting bad and was moving in a hurry. I'll definitely buy you a six pack :-) here's what the sling looks like. It may have had a brassy on it as well but all of the gear was marked with black and red nail polish cheers! Ahren Swett
  14. lost drone flyaway

    Last known gps 45.401352,-121.589572 as it impacted the cliffside around 180’ up from the floor of the falls. It tumbled down around 5-6mph and came to rest about 110’ above the riverbed. I believe it’s on this part of the cliffside (see photos). I would love to get it back. There’s some really awesome footage in there - and if it still works, it would be best if I didn’t have to make the insurance claim. I don’t expect anybody to happen along this, but if you’re bored and wanted to do a little treasure hunt, it would be really great news and I’d be very appreciative to get it back. I’ll pay in cliff bars and/or beer!
  15. Camera was lost and now is found. Thank you to the person who hiked it out to the trailhead. I am getting it back from the person who picked it up at the trailhead.
  16. Dropped my phone in snow while sliding down. Around vertical beach area. Near top 1000' On Friday, June 28. Red in color. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is found. Lots of unbacked photos. Thanks in advance. Abhijit
  17. A climbing buddy is offering a $100 reward for anyone who finds the runaway Salomon ski that got away from him on the summit of Mt. St. Helens this winter. Last seen heading straight down the ravine below Dryer glacier, going about 20 mph. He went looking for it a couple days ago and didn't find it. Coordinates are: 46.185, -122.195. leora
  18. lost Mt St Helens lost skin

    Lost red skin on 5/5/19. Likely in the worm flow.
  19. lost Lost ice axe

    Hi, A ice axe fell out of my pack on the south clime up mt adams on August 25th. It is blue and has Nordstrom writen on it. A picture of it is shown below. Please comment if you have found it. Thanks!
  20. My Motorola G5 smartphone decided it liked the upper snowfield on the north bowl of the North Twin on Sunday, and decided to stay a while. Despite our best efforts, it eluded our search. If anyone finds it, I'd be happy to treat you to a microbrew or burger in Bellingham. If it powers on, my name and contact info will be displayed on the lock screen, otherwise contact me (Peter) at 360-320-9841.
  21. I think I left red C3 cam among the summit rocks on Juno Tower on August 7 after climbing Clean Break. Possibly with biner attached. Would be very grateful to see it again. Thanks! Dougald MacDonald
  22. Some how my pants came off my pack near the bottom of the climbers trail to Boston Basin or fell out of the car at the parking area. I would love to get these back if someone finds them. I am in Portland and travel to Seattle regularly. Thanks
  23. My girlfriend and I left two ice axes in the Mt. Adams parking lot today (in the overflow section about 200 meters down from the actual parking lot). One of them is a 70cm Black Diamond Raven, and the other is a 60-65cm (its borrowed, not sure the exact size) Black Diamond Raven Pro. I know this is a long shot but if you found two axes next to each other today 6.24.18, please let me know! I'd be willing to pay the shipping to get them back or if we happen to live in each other's general vicinity I can grab 'em! We have pictures from that day with the axes in them if there's any question or uncertainty. Thank you! Jacob
  24. A friend dropped a women's Tiva sandal between Cosho Camp and Junction Camp on the Fisher Creek trail (between Easy Pass and Thunder Creek in the North) Cascades. Turquoise and pink retro pattern on the straps. We were backpacking but saw some people on their way in to Logan so I thought I'd post here.
  25. Hello, I lost a pair of BD Neve crampons in a black CAMP bag this Saturday skiing the SW chutes on Mt. Adams. If anybody happened to find them, I'd love to get them back. Thanks, Keith