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  1. time to update the list after todays wittless banter i most want to meet iaXXX, KKKKKKK, archenemy, and some other people
  2. Feathered Friends Helios Jacket from 2002 or 2003 size medium. I haven't worn this one much for the last several years because I have two. Cleaning out the gear closet so this one go. $275 o.b.o
  3. Got this magazine today

    your horns have come in big and curly. nice rack.
  4. list of cc.comies you'd most like to meet

    I am back like a bad dream -- just for a little why and only to make you wake up in a cold sweat. KK - I still read sometimes but I've moved and multiple injuries have kept me off the rocks and out of the cascades. I hope to successfully hike mailbox peak again someday.
  5. wamest jacket on earth

    This is why I miss cc.com. I need to visit more often. And to keep it on topic. I have 20 year old FF down jacket that serves me well to this day. Winters at my house are windy and cold (-10 with + windchill occasionally) That jacket was worth every penny
  6. Where are they now??

    I was talking with a fellow cc.comer today. We were wondering about certain members. Add yours to the list or update if you have info. What happened to Distel? How is DFA? There's more but I'll get to those later
  7. the plans are in their infancy but the date has been set! 9/30 - 10/2 @ the eightmile campground. yee haw! come party with your friends, drinking buddies and future climbing partners. i personally will briefly worship anybody who can add to the festivities. we're open to all sorts of ideas and suggestions as long as they're mostly legal. we'll need some firewood, maybe a small portable generator (especially if Marie is coming ) any sort of tunes, slides, beer, other activities. seems like it might a good thing if some of you more experienced folks would be willing to escort some of the newer folks around to leavenworth's finest bits of granite. if anybody is feeling motivated and wants to show some slides or do demonstration we can get that organized to. tell us what you want!
  8. What the hell is that quote

    we read it in HS. Then our teacher read part of it. I've loved it ever since.
  9. Romney tape

    jim I do have health coverage now. Being uninsured is not the problem. Its going to be a substantial increase in premiums for me. Re educational cost as a factor....many people in many fields acquire 30k+ in debt. That's a cop out from a system that is overhead heavy and run inefficienty.
  10. Romney tape

    Jim for me the quick and simple one is the new health care "obamacare" will impact me significantly
  11. Romney tape

    I do not want either one of these DBs to represent the country. I think both of them will fail to represent 47% of the country. What a farce. Just b/c it was caught on tape for Romney doesn't mean that Obama doesn't give a rats ass about a sizable portion of our population. I certainly don't feel represented by him. So much of what he's done policy wise will have a negative impact on me so why do I think he's any different? Romney just got busted. Thankfully, I know that my state will vote for Romney in large numbers and our 4 electoral votes don't amount to a hill of beans so I can vote for a 3rd party candidate w/o concern. Also w/o hope but at least I can vote for someone else.
  12. RIP 9/11

    Wow! Going on vacation doesn't change this place one bit when I get back.
  13. why prussik or wait when you can get resuced?

    True Story: I recently found myself completely lost in unfamiliar terrain. I could not navigate my way out of the situation. Things were looking bleak. After 20 minutes of going back and forth trying to assess my situation and determine my location I caved and called for help. I was clearly out of options. I was out of coffee and food. I realized that I was going to be late and people would start to worry. They would probably start calling. Possibly even calling work and that could've been bad. Finally I got out a map and tried to use that to figure out where I was and how to get back. I failed miserably. Who the hell navigates with a map??? Finally with the aid of the smart phone, gps on the smart phone and an app i downloaded called "google maps". I was able to determine my location. I was shocked to find that I was deep in the wilderness. Far, far from where I should be. It was totally flat with no navigable features. How the hell was I going to get out of here??? I certainly was never going to find my way on my own. Left with no alternative, already 30 minutes late for an appointment I did the only thing I could do. I pulled out the only useful piece of equipment I had. I activated the emergency starbucks locator beacon. I was guided in safely to the nearest store. The rescue team provided me with warm coffee and snack. Fortunately, the folks who were expecting me were also able to locate the starbucks and safely meet me there. With the help starbucks search and rescue I was only 60 minutes late. Thank goodness for modern technology. That's how I survived my trip to Fort Wayne, IN
  14. why prussik or wait when you can get resuced?

    fuck this. you're all being douchey. i'm sure Rob is capable. AK no doubt you'd be an excellent disaster companion. seems like a lousy reason to be calling for a rescue but none of us was there. fuck it
  15. to all my climbing friends

    I love you!
  16. Poor Me.

    Otherwise known as the "prison years". Gimme a break, I climbed all through the "kid years". Bring 'em along, they love playing in the dirt and chasing lizards. It's only a little hard when they are babies, you just need a third who doesn't mind kids while the wife climbs. We carried my son out to Leavenworth and Squamish at 5 weeks. Babies are a lot tougher than people think. Yupe My X and I did this. We let him bring along whatever toys he wanted and stuck to mostly single pitch stuff. NOw if II could get my shoulder healed he'd be an awesome belay buddy.
  17. Sobo's Updates...

    YAY! glad to read a sobo update.
  18. Romney -- brought to you by coal & oil

    *puke* *hurl* i've actually been reduced to reading about gary johnson. the good news is that since i live where my vote won't make a difference i can vote for a random candidate without concern for the 'big' picture.
  19. Poor Me.

    Hi Whirly! nice to see you post. I'm on semi permanent IR so I feel your pain. I'm happy with a short pitch now and again and nice long walk. Hope your achilles heels fast!!!
  20. Felt like I was in Fight Club...

    This sums up pretty well what I'm thinking. Mockery and antagonization don't represent anyone well. The extremists on both sides of the issue make it impossible for reasonable people to discuss an issue like this.
  21. Felt like I was in Fight Club...

    Rob - I 100% do not agree with what he said. I guess I'm cranky today but I don't think mockery is an effective way to address it. Frankly, I'm not sure there is an effective way to address what I consider to be stupidity but it still isn't against the law to say something stupid if its your opinion.
  22. Felt like I was in Fight Club...

    Yes he does. Just like you've got the right to mock him. It doesn't make either one of you less of a zit.
  23. we've discussed it. we are going climbing. we need beer, gear and a ropegun. you must sign a non-disclosure agreement with regard to the gaping and flailing. who's in?
  24. quality of spray 'round here

    I think I saw muffy(in) in a cat suit once.
  25. muffy and minx are going climbing

    OW-- with my life, local is a relative thing. We were gonna use you're backyard. duh! Pink - you know I love you but you'll have to get Muffy's approval. I plan to climb with you in august sometime if I can pull you away from the gym. AK- I believe you have the muffin seal of approval so i think you're in.