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  1. not sure if I'd pick Paul, maybe Gary Johnson. but yeah then have a legitimate debate, would be a nice change.
  2. You could always go mnt biking, its more fun in the mud anyways.
  3. yeah i figured but it seemed like people where focused on how hard they climb at index.
  4. one thing to consider as well, which i'm not sure anyone addressed, is that you may climb the crap out of 5.11 here in the north west; index, 11, sqam, but then go to say Indian creek, j-tree or yos where the rock is a bit different, and get ur ass handed to you are you still a 5.11 climber?
  5. whirlwind

    Poor Me.

    Mine's the biggest. Whazzup Wirlwind! Try having kids, it's like an achilles that will never heal. \ Whats up E-rock, you still an eastcoaster? and yeah Im sure kids slow ya down alittle, but eventually you can take them climbing too.
  6. ops, but it was actually Citizens united amendment, that allowed corporations to be considered people, and there by entitled to free speech, which they express in the form of monetary donations to political campaigns. so again it wasn't part of the original documents that failed. I do agree how ever that the electoral college is unnecessary, and in fact gives the minority more power then the majority, for instance Didn't Gore and Kerry both win the majority vote, yet still lost the election to Bush. I would even argue that with the advance of technology that gives people the ability to be informed and vote in a reasonable amount of time, that the house of representatives is no longer necessary, and should instead be replaced with a popular vote from everyone nation wide. then at-least we could get things that we actually wanted and needed. the senate could write and release bills for a public vote.
  7. I would keep a basic amount of gear just in case
  8. i think the idea is to determine if a current law or bill infringes on the rights grated by the constitution. but i do agree that our political situation is basically fucked, but that's due to greedy corrupt politicians, bought and paid for by greedy corrupt corporations. not because of the constitution, but because "we the people" have failed to hold our government accountable.
  9. dude go get it checked, i was having some issues with my lower leg/ ankle and keep using it, i ended up with a partial tear on my Achilles. it sucks and takes about 12 weeks to heal. not worth letting it slide. also, 6months later i fully tore it, and needed surgery to repair. i read that its a fairly common injury for people in there early 30's who stop training at some point then go back into sports.
  10. lol that is what i was thinking G, and kinda hoping. I haven't climbed a hole lot since 07 myself, maybe a dozen times. I hope to change that within the next yr or 2. And Muff it was defiantly fun meeting you and climbing with you waaaaay back when, its been a little while.
  11. whirlwind

    No power

    Glass, i agree with your analysis, i was referring to genepires post. what it comes down to for the PUD's is they would rather spend alittle money every now and again, they probly write the repairs off in taxes anyway, then spend alot of money trying to rerun all the lines.
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