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  1. May have left them at the Carnaval Boulders in the Icicle. I'll have a cold tallboy PBR waiting if you have them!
  2. Anyone have any beta on the routes at drip wall not in the Leavenworth guide? There's some link up looking things around ruthless and tooth less, but also the two routes listed as projects. The ones nearest to the drip. And is that a 14 going up to the left of ruthless?
  3. Selling off some gear and other stuff that's crowding my small apartment and not being used enough. Fred Beckey's books, all three. Moonstone pullover softshell small. Moonstone pants softshell medium. but wait there's more! mostly not climbing related http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/for/4494454086.html
  4. Thanks Rad, Hypertension does sounds like what we were on. It started raining or we would have checked out another route or two too. I'm a fair weather climber, so won't be trying to go out unless it's bouldering any time soon. But if you want to send the directions to the new routes I'd love to check them out eventually too. Thanks for the help everyone, not sure what I was hoping for exactly when I put this up, but I've got a good list of routes to check out come sunshine so thank you.
  5. Thanks for the help and the spray. I kindof bypassed index because all I have climbed there has been relatively thin, and I'm just not as psyched on 5.12 slab. Shangri la is fun, I really liked the 11 to the left of the twelves, but the one twelve we got on there had a spooky fall trying to get to the anchors-I would like to go back though. I am planning on trying the 13 up at mt washington, I really like the rock up there. Is there a topo for ww2 anywhere? What is the season for nasons? I'm also scared of messing up access there or at equinox, so don't want to visit until I get shown rhe way in. Hadn't heard of new Halen, will check it out.
  6. What are some of your favorite 5.12 and up sport routes near Seattle? Specifically those that I could project pretty easily; fun, safe, and hopefully not always crowded. I spent some time working chronic last year, and some of the other stuff on WW1, but there are just too many people there so often. Thanks,
  7. Just wondering what it is. A big pile of mud?
  8. 10 year bump? Any access updates? I looked around online a little, and everything I found is out of date and still says closed.
  9. pm sent on tieton, exit 32 and 38, and sky valley.
  10. #4, in case there are in stoppers left, that's what I'm gunning for.
  11. pm sent on bd nuts, .5 and .75 c4.
  12. un pm on the tcu's. they're still up for grabs.
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