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  1. So it seems your security certificate expired 4 days ago and I get a not secure message, don't go there message when I try to log on WHATUP ????
  2. Cool ...look'n forward to see'n how it's put together
  3. Not too many people have made it to the upgrade ...no b!#Ch'n, just it would be nice if CC.com was more active, I think social media and other sites have take'n CC.coms thunder
  4. Dude your go'n to talk about my mom ....really !!!!
  5. The cure for long lines at the pottie, if some of us use one of these the lines will be shorter and we won't be spending our money developing Fish and wildlife property so they can charge us for use and than use the money else where....F&W lease property to the George amphitheater, concert goers trash the area during concert season F&W should be picking up the tab for potties portable pottie made using less than 20 bucks
  6. You know what piss's me off when people that don't do something/sport/hobby bitch'n about if or how others do something/sport/hobby and try to outlaw or regulate their hobby ... Hunting, sport climbing, trad climbing, hound hunt'n, mountain climbing, mountain bike'n, ect The AR gun platform has a following and enthusiast you can accessorize...it's a flip'n hobby/sport and my life is put in danger every day by flip'n smart phones not by gun owners get some flip'n perspective WTF no cut and paste previews but won't post BTW glasswokiss don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, who needs your wine'e little skool girl,boowhoo I won't play if I don't get my way
  7. Don't like guns ? don't buy one. Don't like your rights being taken away? Then don't take away someone else's !!!
  8. Thanks DPS for the hook up...way back I mentioned to LW that Dude Boys was the funniest climbing short story I had ever read...he responded that it was Keith, dude you know Keith....small world LOL
  9. Flip'n computers I back up like 2 xtra hard drives USB's... long ago I typed out on word some of Keith's story's from a climbing mag ...now I have found I have lost them....So I am look'n to find Keith Johnson...funny saw him this last weekend at the coulee...guess that is what sparked my mind...funny I did not loose some of the other story's... I lost( Dude Boys )and (The F word )if anyone else has them..flip'n computers LUCKY
  10. This is a good time of year to hang at popular crags, keep your eye out for like people, it's hard in the beginning, but than you will find life long friends and climbing partners....it worked for me.... be smart, be safe! :wave:LUCKY
  11. It's about act'n like a skool girl and being offended by every little thing ...hold'n him to his word BY,BY, no new avatars
  12. Oh thank you oh supreme being for this gift...... Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out MF'r
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