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  1. i am amazed at the ignorance on this thread...
  2. naw... its great for them to drive it... then they flatten us and dont even scratch their cars or themselves.... they are $35,000 in debt so who the fuck cares about an extra $30 at the pump here or there... just a drop in the bucket. and about that environment thing... that was so early 90's anyways i will be dead before the ozone is gone anyways.... pshaw
  3. true dat! but tuesdays on the otherhand dentist calls
  4. mark my words... GWB will win because Dean will look like an ass while GW takes the high road. Dean is too woshy washy and has alienated himself from the left and right. we'll see what happens in the comming months, but i predict bush pretending to "not play this kinda politics" and his hunchmen doing it for him. meanwhile dean gets portrayed as the wishy washy confrontational meanie. mark my words...
  5. i am scared to go climbing with you guys! shiat!
  6. Fence_Sitter

    Bad Accident

    wow sound brutal.. be careful peeps!
  7. see the price difference in canada for ferries... is is astronomically more expensive there! i am glad it is subsidized here cause i would have to save for weeks to go on a bike ride to whidbey!
  8. everyone just chill... great job guys getting him out. much luck to you healin with no mobility issues.
  9. i can vouch for that... on that note... miss normandy sighting @ golden gardens last night... lookin fine babe! kiss kiss!
  10. The "older ones" are rusting away in junkyards, their horizontally opposed pistons long ago fused to their low grade aluminum blocks. So exactly whom does that leave? indeed you can only overheat once with those pop-can cylinders
  11. damn nice pics hommes! i'm jealous as fuck!!! sweet trip guys!
  12. everett h.s. is a frekin seagull
  13. i am curious what a jesus fuck is?
  14. and get college chicks drunk n' randy
  15. if you are running XP you have all you need... just disable messenger and its all good yo
  16. that is the funniest thing i have ever heard...
  17. i have an ex in kelowna... she is kicked out and i was gonna go visit before going back to school
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