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  1. i started writing shit, but i think i'll just point it out instead
  2. hey erik! can i ask you what you think of conservative christians?
  3. will do partner... anyone else wanna join? kiwi? i got a bike for ya...
  4. my hands turn gawd awful colors... that i shwy i hate ranier!
  5. fer real! how many of you CC.com vigilantes wanna head to iraq and take care of some business 5 guys.... $5 mill each... must supply own firepower... PM me!
  6. yeah guy that sounds good... i am into hitting more miels than that... dave schuldt was saying whidbey was a cool place to hit up... sound good?
  7. Fence_Sitter

    have u noticed

    i get my names by being a dick head
  8. dont believe everything you read on the internet about drinking i run more a week than the average person drives.... that is excluding my biking and climbing... you are more than welcome to check out my B.F. %
  9. i love this book!!!!! one of my favs!!! also a good read is the sun also rises... both great reads!
  10. that is exactly my height and weight as well and i have done da dunk tank... with professionals, so... yeah i am a freak of nature and i guess homeboy si too... mabe this is like bizarro seinfeld and i have just met my bizarro twin?
  11. why did you do that nad keep the same picture? everyone knows it is you, so what exactly is the point?
  12. got my new road bike... wanna put some miles on her... anyone down for a nice moderate pace... mabe whidbey?? open to ideas... PM me... after work works to if you are tied down...
  13. Hey Billy, Maybe you could explain how "some six million dead in one year" took place in Rwanda, when the total population of that nation then was only 5.1 million. I believe the best estimate is about 500,000 dead (800,000 according to CIA World Fact Book), mostly Tutsi minorities killed by the Hutu majority. Still a horror to be sure, and I do believe this is a case where the UN really dropped the ball with tragic consequences. How about checking your #'s a little better before you present them next time. But then exagerration of "American crimes" is a cornerstone of most leftist arguments. sems similar to the estimates of deaths in kosovo... 100,000 deaths turned into a couple hundred?
  14. if you want cheap good shit.. the lil silver tin thing in teh parking lots just west of sultan or one of those dinky towns... great food for cheap.. you can even get beef brain tacos
  15. beer is what is tough for me, but my friends say if i didn't drink beer, i would waste away to nothing... actually beer has shitloads of calories...if ya wanna drop weight fast drop the beer... i know i know...
  16. i am at 3% and i have been warned to raise it repeatedly despite the fact the i eat like a f-in horse... not me sayin it brah... the doctors... i dunno man... just what they's tellin me
  17. what weight do you wanna lose? you are already at the low end of the scale... i have hazardously low body fat... there is such a thing as too low and too much lower than you are right now would be that. i would say that you are about right... others cna elaborate, but i am sure that they will say that going too much lower on your body fat wouldn't be a good idea...
  18. mabe if'n ya quit bein a jack-ass and make you rown rope up, things would be different... whiney bitches
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