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  1. gonna have to call bull-shit on that one there. the average person in this country is what 15 lbs overweight? i dont think the average person could climb REAL 5.9 in a couple of months think about it: climbing index 5.11 carying a 15-20 lb paunch? ya right! oh and if you mean squish 5.11 that would be like what 5.9 after the exchange rate? [ 08-21-2002, 10:32 PM: Message edited by: Fence Sitter ]
  2. dunno. open to suggestions. thinking low tens or easier. PM me.
  3. Coondog, that is the most intellegent thing that has been said on this thread in 9 pages. Well done lass.
  4. princely has much harder moves
  5. anybody up for some easy mellow craggin tomorrow or the nextday? prefereably index... PM me...
  6. anybody wanna call in sick today or just leave work? let me know....i will be waiting. PM me...
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