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  1. leeeets get reeeady tooo rummmmmmbaaallllllllll! i am taking bets 500:1 (guess on who) any takers?
  2. i do... along wiht some infiltration style things... i have a sweet picture of a 2.5" gap between two buildings we did in st. petersbourg and po-po chased us in their russian made tin cans... thanks Maxim and Vitalik!
  3. it is a special deal they give to my university... but i dotn think all oif the members have to be fro my university... i did it last year... mabe it is a bit more this year, but prolly not much... i get an e-mail form the rec club at my school in early sept about it...
  4. Fence_Sitter

    action figures

    again... regardless of the facts... it is childish and lacks creativity... i seem to remember you posting some other cartoon of this nature which people thought was shitty... mabe you are the only ones who appreciate dull shit like this?
  5. for sunday i will have to get back with you... might be leaving by then for squish... i'll let you know tonight...
  6. i'll take the flipsides... PM me i am high as a kite right now on vicadin so i cant drive, but tomorrow its all good lemme know...
  7. Fence_Sitter

    funny book

    another funny read is up in the air by walter kirn... described as able to give your mind paper cuts... excellent writer...
  8. yeah guy! good times for sure! if you wanna head back up there for shits and giggles later gimme a shout... it gets a lil spicy later in the season...
  9. uh huh... cant go to sleep... so this is what meth-heads feel like... i can see the attraction.
  10. also i can get whistler passes for $300 CAN (each) (student deal) dont know if you have to be a student too, but would love to get a cheap ticket if y'all are interested... i need 2 more people... peace!
  12. sorry... all them balloons are my fault... i am busy huffin NO2 on my way up... got addicted after i got hooked up with a fraudulent dentist... too many fillings... way too much NOZ... speaking of which... anyone want some hook-ups on some ahem goodies... lemme know... it'll cost ya! just kiddin' THEY ARE MINE! MIY PREEEEESIIIIOOUUUUUUSSSSS!
  13. i munch those all the time... they are great for cramming for midterms!
  14. i dunno man... i sometimes wear cobras for alpine... i take off the heel at belays and dont really have a problem... even climbing a dozen or more pitches isn't too bad... i think sizing is important more than anything else... sizing 2 sizes too small is just dumb... doesn't really help anyways... i find that if you have strong feet, you can wear slippers all day in cracks no prob... though rattly fist cracks will always hurt...
  15. prolly couldn't handle his booze and has alcohol poisoning... they are rough on you your last day!
  16. i might be down with darrington... i'll let you know how i feel later today if you are interested... ciao
  17. hey i will be up in squamish this weekend with partners some days and some days not... PM me if you could get up there... kinda depends on tho ol wisdom teeth thingy tho.... but its feeling good so far... no pain and seems to have stopped bleeding and whatnot already...
  18. necro... please... never wear your helmet...
  19. fuck off dawg... where's this hateration commin form brah?
  20. fuckin masochists! oh well drugs drugs drugs!!! yeah baby i love this shit!
  21. t-minus one hour... i think mabe i will get wizard of oz and hit up some floyd... Hmmm decisions decisions...
  22. i just realized i am getting teeth yanked tomorrow... so prepare for some zany posts tomorow at about noon or so when i get the vicadin and some beer and whatnot... hasta have fun at work!
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