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    786-JOE WA

    canada sucks ass for the lefty thing... at least in nova scotia and bc... but the cool thing is it seems average speeds are about 20 kmph over the speed limit... at least on the freeway... but the left lane is not sacred anywhere... especially in frasier valley
  2. name color, brand, and whether it was flavored, ribbed or sheepskin...
  3. Fence_Sitter

    786-JOE WA

    ay... there's the rub
  4. if it goes a few years without being climbed, it unscrubs itself pretty damn good. especially here... what is that one at index? hag crag or something? i went there and it was haiiiiry lookin last year...
  5. so... any smiffy locals hear a splat or did chappy make it out all right???
  6. Fence_Sitter

    786-JOE WA

    if you have been following german cycling news in the last year or so you would know what happens when you drink and drive... i heard the fine is like 30% of your salary or something... woowee... wish it was that stiff here... oh yeah... the german cyclist... you might have heard of him... jan ulrich
  7. Fence_Sitter

    786-JOE WA

    like he was being litteral phaw... callin the po-po is what i have done... few times will i be a rat, but when a fucker drives his SUV at me and my chica in myuncles lil SLK... woooweee "allo po-po... i would like to report some road rage..." roooah ah ha ha ahhhh! later babe! miss your kiss...
  8. Fence_Sitter

    786-JOE WA

    actually it is a dangerous activity which is growing in popularity. many die from this every year and to shrug it off is more than stupid. i commend erik for catching up wih this ass hole and at least doing something about one of these dangerous ass holes...
  9. Fence_Sitter

    786-JOE WA

    bwa ha ha ha kiss kiss luvy
  10. Fence_Sitter

    786-JOE WA

    right on erik for stickin it to the mother fucker! oh and allison... shut up! can i road rage your ass and get all defensive when you bitch about it? whatever you weren't there so STFU
  11. and make it harder to prussik or haul out, try untying knot when weighted.... and hang up on absol-fucking-lutely-everything! I think the idea with knots between 2 on a rope is to also tie into the middle 45 ft of rope. That way each person has a coiled 55-60 ft they can throw down. Obviously the negative would be having to rig prusiks on the free line while hanging. I first heard of the knots in the rope while in the Alps ski touring. Most of the euro's also carried a couple of ice screws so they could anchor into the sidewall and get situated. no i read the article, they used the knots to addd friction on the edge of the crevassse... they said like put a butterfly knot every 10 meters or something... theoretically sounds good, but what about the hagups and the near impossibility of self-extraction after riddling the rope with knots?
  12. no it wouldn't... wouldn't feel a thing...
  13. and make it harder to prussik or haul out, try untying knot when weighted.... and hang up on absol-fucking-lutely-everything!
  14. Fence_Sitter

    Holy Shit!!!

    good to hear you are proud of your pops circle jerkin in camp 4
  15. we dun finely got a use for the parks service! hawt damn!
  16. i think tiblocs are not effective on smaller diameter ropes... tho mabe with a fatter 'biner?
  17. dont use titan! (assuming that is the spectra type stuff) waaaaay to slippery for prussiks i have found... peace!
  18. i have a 7.9 or something mammut... and found that 5-6 mill works with 3-4 wraps, though i would try it as i am sure that sheath friction varies greatly from cord to cord and from rope to rope... just hang your rope somewhere and try it out... that is wha i did and i found i had to tinker a lil bit more to get it 'secure'... my $.02
  19. hmm... i am dropping off shit in langley tomorrow... i could mabe swing into white rock and pick you up man... gotta see what the work situation is tho... i will post later on tonight... what route were you thinking? or did i miss it?
  20. i think it would be reasonably safe, but the rope wont feed for shit in auto-bloc mode... you have to yank the shit outta it in auto block mode and that means you are climbing predominantly with one hand (mabe none at times)... why not just free solo? or use some prussiks? it will be about as difficult to use a reverso as a prussik i would imagine...
  21. oh shit... uhm... i have used it for a pro (kinda ) company climbing and for weight you cant beat if for a camera with 3 chips... $2,500 will get you a nice package... i have done ice, rock, glacial and party filming with it along with some film projects for school. lemme know if you are interested in what to get in packages (ie battery size etc)... happy huntin!
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