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  1. Beck Rain Fest

    what are you laughing at? 'cause she is the one on the left.
  2. wow!

    fency and babnik are not. they really must have gotten a moderator on a bad day or something. too bad, too sad.

    yesterday, i led a crack climb at skaha and my belayer was saying i needed to put in more pieces (i really hate that) and as he was following, he said slack! slack! slack!... WTF so i gave him slack... when he got to the top he explained that he had only tied a loose overhand knot and it came undone. he had to clip into one of my only 2 pieces that i placed and tie in. apparently, while he was putting on his shoes, he tied a loose knot so i wouldn't pull the rope too far. skeeeettttchhhhyyyy!
  4. wow!

    sup baby?
  5. wow!

    ma bad dawg!
  6. Funky boss?

    it usually is after getting hit in the head. can you drink alcohol or do you have a concussion? cause if you can, do so. believe me!
  7. Funky boss?

    uh huh... like there is anyone who hasn't seen that movie. wow! you are so elite and prestigious! you saw office space! what a cultured individual! great! more movie quoting cubicle infesting whiners. greeeat.

    obviously this would not pertain to religious right but rather religious left. so your very generalization of this demographic seems to be a poor one indeed.
  9. Funky boss?

    quite the contrary punk! say hawlooo to da boss man!
  10. wow!

  11. Funky boss?

    i dont think everyone's boss does that too them... mabe you should get a new boss.
  12. Another reason Hollywood blows….

    that soudns realistic a waif 93 lb. daddy's girl wavign around a katana... lemme guess taking out 35+ ninjas at the same time too? raaaaght you should go see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Michelle Yeoh and Zang Ziyi prob dont weigh that much more, but ...um ...<whisper>they could take you out!!!! </whisper> seen it. and taking people out is soo... 503 A.D. we have these things called laws now. they are intense!
  13. Today Is Buy A Present For Trask Day

    you must not know me then....oh well you missed out.... it was great fun.... tell the hubby i said hey! dont forget to think of me....
  14. Today Is Buy A Present For Trask Day

    sk- i'm free! hitting leavenworth this weekend...cya there?
  15. index saturday

    anyone wanna hit the lizard or something else easy this weekend? climbingmonk@hotmail.com
  16. So who climbed what this weekend?

    cadaver gap
  17. Idiot's Guide to Ice Axe Selection

    DMM Fly $150 candian at MEC good for vert. ice and alpine.... check it out great deal if the tools work for ya....($166 american at REI i think). way cheaper in canada....
  18. cadaver gap

    went up cadaver gap this weekend and it was perfect. snow had good consolidation and the weather was great though we made our own tracks. there were hoards going up to muir though (why would anyone want to go to muir?) i am sick do death of people telling me it is too dangerous to go up there this time of the year....geesh... if you are going up to muir....mind your fucking business!
  19. Rainier by Kautz or Finger

    i'm going up this weekend....i'll post when i get back.... should be great weather.... cold!!!!
  20. Paradise Road Openings

    much thanks man were headed up there sat morning.
  21. Paradise Road Openings

    will it be open on saturday? if so when? thanks in advance....
  22. BD camalots

    looking for BD cams and micro cams uptil the blue size(like 3 inches). must be in good shape. looking to sell some golf clubs as well... possible trade....calloway big bertha, taylor made burner bubble 3 wood, taylor trouble wood, tommy armour 855irons, taylor forged sand wedge and ben hogan putter, and beautiful blue taylor made stand up bag with an izzo strap..... lemme know cause i really wants some more cams and i wanna get rid ofthese damn clubs.....
  23. BD camalots

    uhm ....ok
  24. BD camalots

    jared- check your pm's
  25. Dickerman

    thanks man...i owe ya...i'll think of something else then....anyone have any ideas for a one day- overnight solo slog?