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  1. Any newer beta on the gully? Really melting out as fast as this thread indicates?
  2. aws

    Buckner N Face?

    Nice shot. When was this taken. And from where? B-Sahale Col? thanks Andrew
  3. Any beta on recent conditions on Buckner? We'll be headed that way in a week. Is the snow holding up? If not, hows the ice underneath, or is it mostly rock when it melts out? Any preferences regarding approach? considering going up and over Boston-Sahale Col, but wondering if its easier to get permits to camp on Sahale arm, Boston Glacier, rather than in the basin? How has the permitting scene been going this year up there? We'll be going on a monday through wednesday. Taking time to sniff the flowers. Thanks, aws
  4. Just to let you know, the chute is melted out except for a bit of very hard snow in the upper meadow and the very top of the chute. We exited the upper meadow by a rock gulley running up to the left as you head up. It was nice climbing (by Olympics standards) Steep and relatively clean of loose rock. No pro but good belay stances. Did the whole thing as a scramble with a couple of belays at dicey spots. Much more fun than walking up the trail with the crowds. If you've never tried it, I recommend it. We saw 5 goats on the plateau beside A peak, includeing a newborn babe. My daughter was in heaven. (she's 8 and with a bunch of wall experience, this was her first trip out into the real world) And earned herself a sense of accomplishment that couldn't be had on the trail. [ 08-02-2002, 11:07 AM: Message edited by: aws ]
  5. I'm taking my kid up ellinor on sunday. Anyone know if the winter gully is passable or is it totally melted out? Appreciate the beta
  6. Anybody braved the snow and wind and gone up recently. I'm hopeing to make an attempt in two weeks. Any beta on snow and route conditions on the Kautz, Hazard, Wilson area appreciated. Thanks, all. Andrew
  7. Looks like you're making the big jump, you sure about this? And if they're still around, tell me more about the NFace pack Also: how much for the full Becky set? Thanks, Andrew
  8. Hey Rob, Thanks for the response. Crater sounds great. Is it open all winter? I thought they pretty well closed things up at some point. Andrew
  9. I'm heading from Sea to S.F. in December and plan to stop along the way to ski. Strictly backcountry tele. Any info about the Ore Cascades, Ashland area, and Shasta would be appreciated. Need trailheads and other info. We're open to all suggestions, deep powder prefered. Still months away and I'm drooling. thanks!
  10. Hey Wopper: whats the predator weigh? and how does it handle? You ditching it because it sucks or because you've taken up golf? Thanks.
  11. I did the traverse back in 95(?) and found it to be exceptionally beautiful. I wouldn't do it in a hurry. Its long and steep at places. The scenery is spectacular, though, It runs along the divide just above the Ho and across the valley from Olympus. It skirts some pretty summits. It generally does not gain or lose a ton of altitude, it runs along an endless traverse. Take your time and climb some of the peaks. I base-camped on several and did 1/2 day summits. Mt. Carrie is great. Several other scrambles further east. The description in the Olympic Trail Guide appendix is incredibly sketchy but it all comes together. Water may be an issue, this time of year, I did it in August and ended up drinking a lot of tarn-melt (translate: goat piss) Bring a filter. One of my favorite all time backpacks. Most worthy! [This message has been edited by aws (edited 10-05-2001).]
  12. quote: Originally posted by Norm: Don't know about boot makers, but if you're anywhere near Seattle Jim Mates is one hell of a good boot fitter. He recently moved his shop from the eastside over to Ballard. Other than that: Duct Tape for blisters. What kind of shop does Mates have and whats it called? You think he'd be open to helping with my current boots, trying to make something work? Does he sell footbeds? thanks- By the way, I've tried every sock combo I could imagine: wool, lined, no liner, ducttape (just about made my partner puke when I peeled off the tape along with a piece of flesh big enough to serve at Black Angus) Never used to have these problems.
  13. I'm looking for info on custom orthotics or some other solution to my f-ked up feet. Been climbing and hiking for over 25 years so it ain't delicacy. After I hit late 30's my feet started getting weird and uncooperative. Blisters, boots not fitting, toes going to sleep. Sounds stupid but this is serious business. Pain and blood! Any bootmakers around here? Folks who really know boots and feet and fit? Appreciate the communal wisdom. ------------------
  14. Anybody been up that way in the last week or so? Any beta re snow depth, condition, boot track, snow bridge conditions would be appreciated. Assuming more ugly weather this weekend, any great ideas for a trip that will go on Monday and Tuesday? Thanks
  15. Hey thanks, i'm actually hoping to go up Washington, just up the road from Ellinor. How deep was the snow, how consolidated? How much snow going up the hog back above the upper trail head? did you look at the chute at all, or just the summer route? Thanks again, Andy
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