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  1. Raustin, I was thinking about it but have made other plans.Maybe next weekend though.Have you been there recently?I last tried it in January I think.I really don't enjoy snow-shoeing on roads and breathing snomobile exhaust.We made it to about a mile from the top in chest-deep powder.Kind of a mini epic.When my partner refused to climb a tree in snow-shoes I agreed to call it a day.Great fun except for the road.
  2. Hey,has anybody done dickerman lately?I hear you can ride abike to the tr-head now.Just curious.
  3. IceIcebaby, I don't know if it's just me or what but I have blown out the back on two pairs of these boots(LaSportiva Eigers).The spot I've had the failure in is above the heel where the leather and the rubber meet.Same spot on both pairs.This happened to both pairs at about 10 months of use.I am fairly hard on boots and I thought I had found a bullit-proof solution but I guess I was wrong.I must add that I have had (and still have)other LaSportiva boots and they have been my favorite brand of leathers.Anyway,I'm about to try the new Salomon Pro ice.I'm glad my Eigers were from REI because I can just exchange them.The down side is that they have a very limited selection of leather boots at this time.No LaSportivas at all!hence the Salomons.Wish me luck!
  4. quote: Originally posted by IceIceBaby: HAHAHAHHAH Anyway, I have a complete rectangular feet and the only one that fit nice were the Salomon…but now when Im thinking of that the La Sportiva Eiger weren't that bad at all in the matter of fact they were a little too wide…so here you go
  5. Thank you God,and thanks to Jim's friends!Idon't know Jim but I know alot of his friends and they are a great bunch and they have all been praying/pulling for him. Joseph.
  6. I've had two of these Casio watches and I have to agree with you because mine were both pieces of shit.I must admit though that I got them at a REI garage sale.I did finally put out the money in 99 and bought a Suuonto.I have had no problems with and am very pleased with it's performance.
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