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  1. Climbing at Vantage during Dave Matthews concert?

    Oh just STFU Raindawg nobody really cares about the rants of an old has been. I did climb there the weekend of the Dave Matthews concert and this last weekend also, most of the trash has been picked up and me and the wife picked up 2 garbage bags on Saturday and disposed of them. For everyone’s information the coulee was quiet during the DM after concert thanks to 2 fish and wildlife officers with night vision patrolling the area…. Sure put a hurt on the party seen…..and now it’s like paranoia and CREEPY think’n of them lurk’n in the dark!!!!!
  2. Public Notice:

    oopps! sorry JH My previous reference to Joe’s was not meant at you personally, in the construction trade a Joe would be the same as bumble Like what Joe did this (phuk’d it up) or he Joe’d me (hurt me) It did TROLL you in tho
  3. IB Troll

    Must have been a troll When wanting beta on IB PM me with an email and I will hook you up and after a climbing day there might be more. Now that is putt'n my self outhere. DICK
  4. Public Notice:

    Look don't get your panties in a bunch...it's the internet and I am Dick Head but at least I am honest and up Front, what do you think your internet self is perceived as Look I love climbing, so I think more climbing more freedom more new climbs, not less climbing more rules, I guess i am more young at heart than most
  5. Mods/ Off

    Yeah!!! because I read it when I have had to much to and I want to rip someones head off with a chain saw(limb bizkit) I am a liberal redneck ...and there are only a few of us
  6. The long awaited answer to The Bolting Solution

    Or how much FUN your hav'n
  7. Public Notice:

    What a crock; name one... Oh I could name more than a few, but of course I won’t, I will say I have a Friend and his wife that moved to Portland and after a couple trips to the local crags they were so put off they would make the trip north to climb with the crew….what was the statement …they are sooo anal. That’s just a typical story. The climbing community and land mangers/owners should police the crags and climbing not a couple of Joe’s that take over the local crag or area.
  8. infinite bliss and its bolts

    You havn't climbed IB nor looked at it and seldom stray from Beacon but you promote chop'n IB that makes you a crag cop plane and simple
  9. Public Notice:

    It is true and known fact that PDX crag cops have run off many a good climber.
  10. infinite bliss and its bolts

    Just say no to crag police!!!!!!
  11. infinite bliss and its bolts

    Oh the king and ruler of beacon has spoken STFU ASSHOLE
  12. infinite bliss and its bolts

    Stop now!!!!!NO MORE IB BITCH TREADS!! PM me your email and I will send you all the beta you will need

  14. N****rs and F****ts

    It's not about health care it's about health care it's about right, left, health care lobby money and raceism
  15. Index TRs--serioulsy?!