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  1. Good Info. I am chomping at the bit to take my friend up there next week! So is the snow melted to the Pioneer Gulch Trailhead yet? Went up there a few months ago and it was a no go...at least for her anyway.
  2. If you will be in and around Missoula, there are some places that I know of. Mulkey Gulch, east of Missoula is a great place, there are published bolted and trad routes. There is also the Bitterroot Valley where The Kootenai and Blodgett canyons are that offer great climbing, bolted and trad. Go to Pipestone Mountaineering in Missoula on Higgins near the bridge and you can purchase local crag books for all published routes. (I only mention them cuz I dealt with them alot when I went to UM) As far at the Flathead Area I am not sure about only that there are many folks that try winter and summer attempts on some of the Mission Mountain Peaks, McDonald Peak and Warren Peak are the most popular, but there are many first acsents still to be had, primarily winter ascents, for some of the more burlier peaks. A friend and I attempted Warren Peak in the winter on skiis and the approach alone in the blizzard conditions turned us around. Lucifer Lake I have been to but that is more of a hike in...very beautiful and VERY isolated. Make sure to get your pass to use the Indian Land because that Mission Mountain range is owned by the Flathead Indians. I think you can purchase them in St. Ignatius or Polson, it's only like $5 or so. If you are in Big Fork over Fourth of July, don't miss the big celebration. The whole town shuts down and parties for like three days. It is a VERY big event for the whole area and a great drunk! Glacier I have visited and have canoed in a few lakes there, but I am unfamiliar with the climbing. There is no doubt in my mind that someone has published a route book for the areas in and around the park....people come from all over the country to hike and climb there Watch out for the grizzlies on the Flathead Rez AND Glacier!
  3. Hey, I was up there Saturday too. Amazing weather...we summited a little late so the skiing was marginal. I wish we wouldn't have partied so much the night before! Beautiful views but pissed about the snowmobiles on the false summit...I hate smowmobiles unless I am riding one-harhar
  4. I considerd ignoring some people. But I am not at all threatend by people with opposing views. I enjoy hearing/reading other takes on the univers. I am glad this is available for those who need it. I will take my cc.com with out a filter -------------------- Gonna have to agree with Muffy on this one..... Difference in opinion brings battle cages and drama, this site wouldn't be the same without them. DIVERSITY RULES!
  5. Hello my internet friend! The little airplane I have been flying actually just recently decided that it would have itself a vacuum pump failure in the middle of IMC (instrument meteorological conditions....in another words, in a soup of clouds). A vacuum pump failure means a failure of two of the most vital gyro instruments-the attitide indicator and the heading indicator. Not good by any means, especially if you have no visual reference to the horizon or the ground! But a good learning lesson in instrument training for sure.... Take care!
  6. A friend and I were up there a few weeks ago and there was little snow to at least the top of the lift. That was, however before the last storm, so there might be more snow. We hiked up to the top of the lift (which one hottie Timberline employee at the Silcox Hut predicted was going to be closed all winter due to massive snow!!!)and we found it hard to find any snow to ski down on. I suggest bringing snowshoes if you don't have skins on your skiis (that is if you aren't one of those knuckledraggers ) Keep an eye out on this board cuz someone here is always reporting current conditions..it has beena while since I have been up on the hogsback. as for ropes and such, well, that is up to you and your comfort level, not to mention your climbing level...just go up there and start hiking up with all the shit you think you will need, if it feels like it is beyond your ability or beyond the gear you brought, then turn around and go down like a madman! Either way, you will have fun AND get a good workout....
  7. I looked around for folks I knew and found no one. Where were you sitting? You should have run me down or something!
  8. Great slide show....you guys are bad asses!
  9. Count me in, I'm already here in Stumptown visiting...Eugene represents! Slideshow-yes. Dinner?...probably, but not 100% sure yet.
  10. Can I ask a dumb question....what is AAC? Dinner and a slide show, sounds pretty cool to me. I will try and make it....
  11. Trask, I had a crazy dream about you one night months ago. I don't even know who you are, let alone, even know what you look like but you were doing all the right things! I think the fact that you were this person who actually exists although what you looked like I conjured up in my head, I was having a great time. I was turned on big time by this mystery man.....HAHAHA how about that for bringing out the old geezer? Uhhh, that was funny talk by the way for all who are taking me seriously...
  12. "Sexually charged" YAH! There you go marylou, you're gettin it! Now let loose!!!! Sex talk is good, I swear it! I checked trask, you're right, nope. I gotta get to the mountains soon...posting on this dang thread is making me late...
  13. Yah cuz all that was on my mind was..."Man, I hope that sexy Trask posts soon cuz I am gettin wet" Yah Dru, my "approach" is "slow, low, and dirty"
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