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  1. Middle Age Sucks

  2. Ken needs a partner.

    spray deleted
  3. A very difficult decision

    Job. Mind if I ask how old you are? Neither are my business, I know..
  4. Ken needs a partner.

    spray deleted
  5. To Plastic or Not

    Blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, no more Koflach boots.
  6. To Plastic or Not

    IME in SLC had a notice up on official Atomic letterhead - they bought Koflach and decided not to continue the mountaineering boots. Not sure what that leaves, but no more Degre Arctis or Vertical. Looks like they're pretty much mainly a consignment shop, so they probably just bought out the remaining stock and are selling it off.
  7. To Plastic or Not

    They only have 7 and 10.5 online. But 10.5 is my size. Now if only I had the money...
  8. To Plastic or Not

    Where did u hear this? I was looking all over for a new pair of Degres to replace my trashed old ones, and even online I could only funky size in both models, not just Degres, like 5,6,7 and 12,13,14 and they quit selling them at REI (they don't know shit there "Why you quit selling these?" "I dunno."), so I went to Second Ascent, and that's where they told me that Koflach went out of business.
  9. $125 climbing harness?

    Yeah, but it has something called a 'system', and they have a really cool website...
  10. To Plastic or Not

    But seriously... Those are the ones they showed me at PMS. I'm considering those. I guess I just hate to change. You should see my Degres... The liners are falling apart. Had them for 7 years at least, and use them about 15 times a year. Holes in the baffles and delaminating around the rand. They have to go after this season. (Right - I started saying that 2 seasons ago.)
  11. To Plastic or Not

    Lowa Civettas have very good ankle flex. They are also ugly as sin. Me too, on both counts.
  12. To Plastic or Not

    I like plastics too. I have a pair of Koflak Degres that I wear on snowshoe trips about 10 times a year besides glacier climbing in them. They flex well and stay warm. Unfortunately, Koflak just went out of business. Mine are shot, and I'm looking for an alternative. Haven't found a pair of plastics that have the ankle flex that the Degres do, and most plastics are to narrow in the toe for me. I might even switch from plastic to other mountaineering boots if I can find something warm enough. For me it's all about warmth and dryness - I have circulation problems (Reynauds) - so keeping the digits warm is a necessity.
  13. soft contact lenses

    Yeah, I wear the single-day lenses for 4-6 days, but I take them out at night. Saves money. The exteneded wear ones I wear for 4-6 days without taking them out, then I might take them out and clean them and wear them just during the day for a couple more days. Like High said - not recommended.
  14. soft contact lenses

    Contacts rock! I use two kinds: regular single-use lenses that I use day-to-day, and other extended wear that I can use for 4-6 days without taking them out. The single-use ones are a lot cheaper. The multi-day ones are more expensive, and I keep a couple of sets of those on hand for long trips so I don't have to take them out at night and put them in in the morning on climbs or with sunscreen and stove fuel and insect repellent and god knows what else on my hands - and they're just convenient.
  15. cc.com Fundraiser -- Poker Tournament!!!

    It's not a hell of a lot of money. Sounds more like an excuse to drink and play poker. Which is fine with me...
  16. cc.com Fundraiser -- Poker Tournament!!!

    This sounds good. Can I wear my CC.c skull shirt?
  17. CC.com T-shirts

    Warn us - please.
  18. CC.com T-shirts

    What about those of us that paid cash for two and got one and didn't leave an address? No hurry, just making sure you remember. By the way, my snowshoe buddies are jealous...
  19. Heart rate monitor recommendations

    I joined this thread too late. I would have said blow off these trolls and go ask this question at: http://forums.runnersworld.com/eve Then pull my finger.
  20. Does this look safe?

    I think that I saw that bumper sticker. The bumper sticker I saw said: "THE ONLY BUSH I TRUST IS MY OWN"
  21. New Alpinst issue

  22. CC.com T-shirts

    ...Actual size...
  23. glacier glasses vs. regular sunglasses

    Surface reflection information? You mean, the ground? "I'm just checking out the surface reflection information." It's mere sales hype.
  24. glacier glasses vs. regular sunglasses

    polysyllabic induced nausea? its a start to explaining your ignorance as for tvashy - well, he's a dumb cunt not much will change that Big words make me scard.