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  1. ice tool recommendations

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. It's taken me awhile to figure that out about the leashes. They were definately more of a security blanket when I first started. thanks again, Bob
  2. ice tool recommendations

    Hello, I'm looking to replace my hand-me down Charlets' (circa 2001). Does anyone have an opinion about the BD reactors? I'm an intermediate ice climber (follow WI 3, no leading as of yet) and was looking to transistion to leashless tools in the 250.00 range. thanks, Bob
  3. favorite climbing quotes

    I saw this on the NE ice climbing site. "shut up and rap", Mom to teen son complaining about the anchor.
  4. The sad f#$%ing truth

    Some of yall don't realize a good thing when it's smacking you in the face. I still remember my first backcountry trip to the North Cascades. I had never heard the word stoke, but when I saw white horse mtn for the first time , I was alpine hammered. Any time I'm fortuniate head back for a trip, It's just like Christmas morning all over again. Cascade nay-sayers...get in touch with your inner child.
  5. Rest in Peace Jesse Helms

    I hope to see the same posts for Robert Byrd
  6. Stolen: WM Bison sleeping bag, Bibler Eldorado

    Too bad, the bag really tied the tent together.
  7. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    How many points is burma worth in the game "RISK" ??
  8. Dollie Llama putting the smack down on China?????

    This entire discussion is depressing me, I'm going to get my .40 cal and king james.
  9. Do all climbers like only heavy metal?

    blues (lighting hopkins), classical, bluegrass,
  10. Find the Bolts Dawg:

    REI and Mounties group sex day, you know there's polypro neath them britches.
  11. To Plastic or Not

    I just finished 3 days of ice in N. Hampshire with the alpinistas. Daily temps ranged from 9-16 degrees. I never had any problems with the cold and the boots gave a very precise and light feel-when compared to my koflachs from last season. I used grivel rambo's--no problems with articulation and function. I used a thin liner and midweight synthetic sock. I wish I had transistioned to these boots two years ago.
  12. 2 car questions

    2000 Landrover discoII V8 Absolute bombproof, city 15, hwy 18. 2001 Range rover 4.6 V8 city 14-15 hwy 20 Both are excellent off road, the rangerover is excellent once you convert the airsuspension to coiled springs Both engines are Bosch.
  13. Cough up your lung

    translating master henley's crack induced Ranier aspirations.
  14. What a gal!

    who knows what jacked up brand of british dentistry lurks behind those pursed lips, she's sexless out of necessity.
  15. My ultimate dream is being unsatisfied...help!!

    You need to contact tony.henley on this board (719-287-2045). He's putting together a Ranier assult team and lookin for some talent. Time to put up or shut up.