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  1. Leash laws suck ass, but irresponsible owners are worse!
  2. dude, sounds like you need to fucking get over it. Are you going for the chip-on-both-shoulders "balanced" approach or something? If I whined about all the bad shit that's happened to me, my balls would have shriveled up and fallen off long ago. That's what happens, you know. I only say this because I care. sickie I wish I could. Facts are facts, I don't need you sympathy and my balls hang fine. If you don't like my posts don't read them. I like your posts the most, Rob (really I do). I am done...
  3. My parents use to say: one day you will thank us. I said: That will never happen. And, it never did.
  4. I bet this kids parents beat him regularly, not:
  5. My dad was an engineer; he used a belt (always). Mom wasn't much help as she requested the beatings. We use to wear multiple layers of underwear before going to get beat until one day my sister tried using a book, but dad spotted the foreign object. After that is was bare ass and belt. I laughed regardless of the pain. I think it all stopped when school showed an abuse awareness video where a child was burned with an iron. I went home and asked my mom to confirm she wouldn't do that to me. I think that is when it hit them this practice wasn't good. But they never apologized. I wish I could return the favor. You know, out of love. BTW, my drill sergeant apologized to me in basic training for touching my arm while reprimanding me. I was shocked he apologized, but at that point I realized that the rules prevent him from doing that. Seems like if it isn't okay for the troops in general, then it isn't good for your children.
  6. I sincerely hope that's a typo. It just sounds like...... Yes, typo. Funny thing is to justify my upbringing I would often say: "At least I wasn't raped!" Like that is a good standard from which to measure. Regarding others being spanked, the article stated 90% parents spank. So, I am not unique, nor seeking sympathy; I am just being honest, and maybe the one who know me can understand some of my idiosyncrasies. I just thought it was a good article. And, often abused children suppress the abuse. I know I thought reporting it would just make it worse. So, I took it. Like a lot of things in my life. Did you ever laugh after getting your bare ass spanked? I did and he just hit harder. My take: your going to cry fucker...
  7. I tried to find Kevbone's older post regarding child abuse (to capture all your previous comments), but I was unsuccessful. If someone could add a link to that thread I would appreciate it. For the record I believe I was both physically and mentally (cocncurred by a therapist) abused growing up and that is part of the reason I have trouble making lasting relashionships (I have am single with few good friends and it is the same deal for my siblings!), but yeah it is good for you! Spanking is only expedient in the short-term! Why Spanking Doesn’t Work Paying someone to listen to my gripes is unappealing, so I just deal with it. Thanks dad!
  8. Do a Trip Report search. Plenty of beta on this site. Yes, 4 additional miles when the road is closed (each way). If you have access to a snowmobile you can drive the 4 miles. I doubt the road will be open in March.
  9. Great article. It covered anything I had to say and a whole lot more. Thanks for posting!
  10. I think we can all relate with a feeling of security on slopes that would otherwise be classical avy terrain, if we've spent a lot of time on it in the past and never seen it avy. I so want to comment on some of the things stated in this thread, but... My condolences to all involved.
  11. I just watched it and thought it was very, very cool. Jim is looking strong!
  12. Nice video! I bought a Contour Roam and have been editing some video and have a question: Do you post process image stabilization? My videos have significantly more jitter during action shots then yours and I am curious how to improve. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for that, sobo. I kept waiting to ear some in the background say "This is fucking stupid. We are fucking stupid. I am not going to..." The mind is funny, and the big swings between 'rational' thoughts are even more so.
  14. 112

    Really now!???

    Even a potential killer??? Seems like you assume everyone was necessarily innocent, but the authorities were still analyzing the situation. It sounds like once the authorities felt they had secured the area, everyone was allowed to stand back up. I had a teacher in 6th grade tell a story about him and his kid face down in the dirt with ants on their face because he matched the description of a recent shooter. Once his identity was established he was free to go. No need for an apology...
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