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  1. Tried to epic on dark shadows full but settled for minor epic. 15 plus hours, depending on who you ask, car to car.
  2. Good times at Kamila's air bnb in Summerlin and Hamo's Ford Escape on Turo was a good rental vehicle for the trip. A couple of days living with Sickboy had us thinking about T2 and Begbie quotes. Theme song for the trip. Can't miss Cappos for some great Italian food.
  3. Gorge ice 2015

    Any update for 2016?
  4. Maybe next week. Walking on lava above ground today.
  5. Valley Uprising

    who has a copy i can borrow tonight? 503 380-1084 thanks
  6. CC.com turns 14 today

    How old is 14 really?
  7. Beacon

    In business, as in life, it helps to not be an asshole.
  8. Beacon

    Could be a trap.
  9. Beacon

    In the ole time, in the ole time