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  1. Attn Pope

    Looks like Exit 38, or Frenchman's Coulee....but with puffy jackets and snow!
  2. you thought WA antibolting was hardcore?

    I don't care if it's 5.2 or 5.22, grid bolting is dang stupid. And so are fake boobs.
  3. reality check

    "You wanna go first?"
  4. you thought WA antibolting was hardcore?

    Don't getchyer panties in a bunch. Those bolts will regenerate themselves faster than that pesky rash on your left nut.
  5. [TR] Bear Mountain - DNB 7/26/2007

    That Mark Pratt is somewhat of a stud. I'll bet not many know that his first trip up Outerspace was 3rd class (with Pope). Furthermore, he appears to prefer a Wild Things Ice Sac, which confirms the size of his sack (I still use mine....sure is heavy but you can drag it behind your car).
  6. Poker Face

  7. dawgs!

    To go from 0-14 to beating #3 (almost LSU as well), that's coaching. And having players healthy again. The good ol' days are back. In a big way.
  8. Excellent! You made good time. Having that much fun while the rest of us were at work....that should be illegal.
  9. The Circus Comes to Exit 32

    Oh my goodness, Father Time pounded a pin within three feet of a bolt! And he employed a "dulfersitz" belay! As if that weren't enough, he had the audacity to show up at your stupid-assed sport cliff with a hand-crafted harness. Allow me to summarize: Ignorant sport climber suffers culture shock and indignation when confronted with a party climbing in an alternative style.
  10. Appears to be a high-quality rock climb. Very well done! Everything Infinite Bliss aspires to be.
  11. Collections?

    Seriously, no disrespect intended. I admire you for some of the wild routes you've climbed, and your collection is superb.
  12. Collections?

    Dane, my mistake....I don't have a Zero, it's a Zero-X carbon fiber jobber and I have the Northwall-X as well. These were out just before the X-15. Although the handles are slippery, I still think these are great tools. I suspect it is difficult to find picks for them now. They have a key-lock interface which was apparently difficult to machine. When they stopped making the tools, I bought a few extra picks for reserve. Regarding your four observations.....well.....I know you used to climb the Eiger, but aren't you the guy who fell off The Fault on Castle? I think we're both getting old. That's probably why you're collecting all that crap.
  13. Collections?

    F_ _ _ YOU, Pal! I still use that stuff.
  14. [TR] Ptarmigan Traverse - 9/2/2009

    Just yesterday I was drinking beer, watching the Huskies and thinking that if I didn't hear a report pretty soon I was going to have to come looking for your soggy ass. Nice work and excellent report.
  15. And a calm descended from the heavens....

    Are you kidding me? The Hawks are 3-0 in the preseason and winning games even after what would be normally considered fatal mistakes. Can't wait for the opener!
  16. Dropping a Tree

    For those with felling experience greater than my own....is it wise to steer the tree by first trimming weight (large branches) on the opposite side from where you are hoping to drop it?
  17. GNS Speed accent

    Back in the early 1980's, my friend Joel returned from a family road trip. He came back from Yosemite with a copy of Life magazine that featured Bachar and a bunch of Yosemite studs. We owned three stoppers and nearly killed ourselves climbing a finger crack at the base of the GNS area. I remember Joel announcing he was going to "free solo" the GNS, with his Fire shoes and some chalk that he'd lifted from a blackboard at the high school and then pulverized, carried in a canvas army ditty bag that functioned as a chalk bag. I thought he was out of his mind. But watching him climb casually up the GNS inspired me to follow in some Adidas runining shoes. On the same day Jeff Lowe was demonstrating the use of TriCams by climging Sagitarius with a rack of his new passive cams...and nothing else.
  18. The Ultimate Slackline

    Nice find, Buckaroo. Enjoyed the vid.
  19. Dropping a Tree

    That's because you associate with sport climbers.
  20. Renaming freed routes

    Maybe a name applied to the spectacular roof pitch is appropriate, at the discretion of the guy who freed it. On the other hand, there are plenty of 5.12 roofs around, and plenty of free climbs of similar length and difficulty. Free climbing this route doesn't compare to the breakthrough that Astroman represented.
  21. Chickens Are the New Puppies

    BTW, two of our "sexed" chicks turned out to be roosters. Two out of six....that's almost random. Two things in life come to no good end. A whistling woman and a crowing hen.
  22. Chickens Are the New Puppies

    Just what do you think we are, buddy? You can't be a real bird.....you just ain't smart enough. For example, why do you crap in your own drinking water?
  23. Sport vs Trad

    That's nonsense and I think you know it. Had you run into trouble, you could have clipped a bolt and bailed on your trad-climbing day dream. You should have had your buddy duct tape the bolts and tried it on sight (like Mark Wilford), then you would be more than welcome to log on and brag about "doing any climb in your own style". After which it would be appropriate to chop those nasty bolts.
  24. Sport vs Trad

    You can hug me upside down!
  25. Chickens Are the New Puppies

    We have 3 daughters, four chickens, one bunny and two birds. Ain't slowing me down (maybe a little).