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    If your skin glue is gummy but not filthy it's gotten infiltrated by H2O, use an iron directly on the glue to basically steam it out. It won't restore it completely but it definitely helps. I reglue my skins fairly frequently. Get a heat gun from Harbor Freight (~$10). On low setting really heat up about a foot of skin at a time and use an old credit card or similar thin, flexible scrapper to scrape the glue right of the skin. Done right this should remove 99% of the glue on your skins. Works way better than trying to soak the glue into paper bags. Get a tube of gold label skin glue, warm it up in a bowl of hot water. The apply to skin, again about a foot at a time, lay down some wavy lines and spread with an old credit card again. Use the heat gun again, this time more sparingly, to keep the skin/glue warm while you spread it. Try to get as thin a consistent layer as possible. Let dry 24-48hrs. Always use skin savers.
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    Took a look up the 2060 with the Hanman and his big-ass truck. The road is in decent shape and clear of snow for about 4 miles until the flats before the turnoff to Exfo, where we gave up the fight. That left about a mile of easy walking to the 8-mile trailhead. The hot weather this week could be very helpful, of course. Impressive snow accumulation around the base of 3 O Clock Rock! Most of the first pitch of Silent Running requires snow boots. On the south side, it extends about 20 feet up. Good training for the Bugaboos, I reckon. The good news is that the rock is mostly dry and no major rockfalls noted. But spring is coming slowly again this year
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    Ok, I was curious if the Chris Hopkins experiment was over yet and noticed the thread was gone. I'm wondering if he can figure out how Fred is involved in the USFS/NWAC/Paid Guide/wealthy site admin conspiracy.
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    Bronco, it got moved to the trash can because the Admin's didn't want to host any salacious screeds about other sites or be providing a platform for Chris' ongoing battle with sites he'd been banned from. Personally, I'd have shitcanned it just for quoting Dave Matthews' lyrics.
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    Darin, as usual, is spot on with advice in his post. Another technique you can use at the final gluing stage is to put down parchment paper on the new glue and heat up with iron to float it out to a thin consistent layer. Let cool before pulling off the parchment paper! The key is to not over-apply glue. A thin layer is key.
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    Trip: Mount St Helens - Worm Flows Trip Date: 04/22/2018 Trip Report: One million of my best friends and I were on MSH today. We left the Marble Mountain SnoPark at 3:30 AM, able to ski from the parking lot! I got a whole lot of practice with my ski crampons! Up to the crater rim a bit past 9, hung out in the sun for about an hour and a half, then skiied some amazing AMAZING snow -- ah yes, this is what they call corn -- under a bluebird sky!!!!!!! I love spring skiing!!! I got to ski most of it in a tank top and rolled-up pants. 😁😁😁 Got a little sticky toward the bottom of the fun, but not too bad. On a few of the steeper parts we skiied, we saw some rollerballs and one very small wet loose slide. What an amazing day!!! So much better than hiking Monitor Ridge in August! Gear Notes: Sunscreen, ski crampons, patience Approach Notes: Snow from the TH!