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  1. FREE Mt Hood Ski Guide

    <insert TAY`esque response here>
  2. New forum software!

    follow up: where to update signature lines? seems like icons or something are missing, I see a lot of 'square box' icons that are empty? looks weird. All over on site where there would be little infos or a navigation button. edit posts? not seeing a spot to do it... i would have added this to the above.
  3. New forum software!

    1) thank you for the work. I know this is a labor of love. 2) would echo I find myself doing a lot of scrolling on the landing page. Think it needs a better layout, or to nest/collapse the sub-forums within the parent so it's cleaner up front. 3) also agree, my MO of accessing cc for the last 5 years has been a link to 'last 24hr'. On other forums there is an 'unread posts' link that will show you everything you haven't read since the last time you accessed the site (i think)... 4) cheers
  4. current snow conditions

    look up portlandhikers group on facebook. or try www.oregonhikers.org - you'll get more ppl on facebook option
  5. Thoughts on Hood South Side...

    congrats! not an easy year if you were behind the fires. Hope you got to see goat rocks in good condition, if you hadn't previously. AT ~thru hiker, a decade ago.. since you tour it sounds like you've got a fair bit of shiessa down, so don't take this as talking down at all. Just, I know the feeling of having finished a hike, the shape you're in, save any nagging injuries, but if you finished they're not too bad. At least for me and in my observations of others, there's a kind of bounding confidence after that's both an actualization of higher self and a bit of hubris. I swear on the hike you're continually churning some hiker karma and it gets drawn down as it's needed. Anyways, I've seen a fair share of hikers take this same... intensity and perseverance and apply it to climbing, as greenhorns. It often strikes me as somewhat out of place, even though I understand it. I guess, overserving its purpose, if anything. sorry for the ramble. There can be some fantastic and stable climbing in the midst of winter, dec-jan-feb. Avy a consideration oft less of a factor than expected, esp up to the hogsback, in my experience. threading windows this time of year can be real gamble. half the climb window, and quadruple your climb time, then assess.
  6. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    where's the fire emoji when you need to recognize a really good burn?? o2uptak8, this site has an issue with eating posts and putting out nothing. Nothing you did wrong, 10/10 response to the flak, well done.
  7. you're more magnanimous than I, Ivan.
  8. Climbing bivy for Eclipse?

    listen, no where is going to be free of people. Maybe some spots in the woods that don't have particularly good views. The FS is estimating something like 1000 people will try to climb up on Jefferson which if you've climbed, basically means someone will probably die. The summit can support 3 people ok, 5 would be fucking tight, and it's a fall line down all sides of it. I actually wanted to climb Jeff for this eclipse a year ago when I was thinking about it, but there's no way in hell I am going to go near the mountain if there's even a few hundred trying to climb it, I can't risk the rock fall hazard let alone shit show once someone slides on a snow traverse and helo is buzzing to rescue/recover them. Basically being a 'bit rough' to get to will not be stopping the crowds. Just think there are probably a few thousand climbers/scramblers/mountaineers/etc in Oregon who have the same plan as you. It will help vs being somewhere that you can drive and park and see the eclipse (like santiam pass).. but everywhere will have some degree of folks Jefferson Park is currently closed as is a big area around it due to a fire, and it won't be opened in time for the eclipse. good luck
  9. [TR] Mt. Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys 7/16/2017

    good effort. I would have turned around when it was rainy at 2am leave time. Fisher Chimneys was a route I saw/learned about when I first moved to the NW and I marveled at it, because it was beyond my skill set at that time. I guess it was about 5yr or so later I finally climbed it. And honestly it is not that hard, BUT, but it has more complexity than a lot of other mountains. I had read so many epics about the chimneys and prepared that we seemed to find a very good way through. One aspect is that you aren't getting to a spot then just going up--mentally what you'd think of encountering a chimney. it's almost like the chimneys are an upward diagonal traverse, there are small sections of going more or less straight up but iirc until the very end it isn't for more than 5-10ft or more feet at a time. most of it gradual and little footpaths. But doing it in the dark for the first time, with wet rock..impressive. Seriously get it when it is sunny, less stressful for sure. anyways job well done and thank you for sharing the story in all of its glory cheers
  10. while i could not even get up half of that, the tent blew my mind too. Even an old go-lite shangri-la can cover 3-4 ppl and is like 1lb.
  11. thanks. good writeup.
  12. so i browsed around on insta, it's not exactly a google search.. slesse and mtslesse HT didn't yield anything.. story?
  13. Mt Hood

    Haven't but.....i think you will have pretty choppy runnels/rock paths at this point, south side seems well past prime for skiing up high.
  14. quiet because it is past prime climbing time. But good job, better than sitting on my duff getting fat, that's for sure. Always nice to get out. I think I can clarify. The names get used interchangeably. Think of the Old Chute as the parent and the Mazama Chute as the child, as far as origin. Then entire slope that leads up to the summit ridge is the old Chute. But when you're 150feet or so from the top you can veer to the (climber's right) and climb a variation which I believe is the Mazama chute. The old chute tops out at a nadir of the summit ridge, where you must go up a few feet in either direction (towards queen's chair or towards summit). The Mazama chute I think tops out to avoid the little cat-walk section that you do to get to the top of the old chute terminus. Maybe...I tried. Maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully I didn't muddle it more.