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Whatever happened to Dan Helmstadter?


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He was dealing with a serious hip injury a couple of years ago, he even mentioned it in his trip report in Jan, 2013.




From Facebook, I gather that Dan has been spending a little bit of time rock climbing, scaring himself with surfing on the coast, and some amazing chainsaw carving. I hope he gets back to skiing now that winter has returned to Washington.



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When the days get shorter and the snow starts to appear on the hills, I think of Dan.  I hope is is doing well, wherever he is, and whatever he is doing.  I really appreciate all the inspiration he gave us over the years, and hope to see more TRs from him in the future.

This was the last one I could find:  https://turns-all-year.com/trip-reports/june-7-2017-north-face-northwest-couloir-mt-shuksan

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Chad wouldn't have cared less about that childish, ridiculous drama. If you doubt someone's achievement, then best them with your own record. Still waiting...

Meanwhile back to Helmstadter. Legend.
PS: That Powder article by Dave Page was a great piece of writing and really captures the spirit. There is an interview with him here: https://www.powder.com/powder-radio/the-storytellers-david-page/
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