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colfax ice


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I got a look up that way from the Twins last weekend. It looked like there has been a dusting of snow but I didn't spot any ice. I'll try to remember to look closely at the pictures I took to see what shows up. I think it's been too warm though, it's been balmy in town.

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The seracs are fun right now. I was on the toe of the Coleman in late September playing around on one that easy to get to from the climbers trail onto the glacier and had an alternate low angle route up an arete to set up a top rope for the steep face. The glacier ice was very forgiving to me swinging tools for the first time. Watch where the water is running on the glacier though, we had to hang our packs because anything flat enough to hold them was puddling up.

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I was out at lake Ann on Saturday looking up at the upper Curtis Glacier and Hell's Highway on Shuksan and there are a few thin ribbons of ice next to HH. I spent some time looking at it through the binoculars and it looked very thin but I'm not an experienced ice climber. It's exciting to see more than streams up high right now though.

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