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  1. Thanks Dru, Don S, Graham R and Fishstick? took me to Zero Gully a number of years back and I haven't done much ice since, like to go back one day. If you feel like taking a noobie out, let me know.
  2. anyone been out in Vancouver area? Rambles? Cal-cheak? Coquihalla? Sumallo? Is it worth it heading out this weekend? Any takers?
  3. I was going to make a post to solicit partner for this Sat just to do some "ice-cragging" at Baker seracs. Are you saying it's too warm for the Seracs as well? Any takers this sat?
  4. Typically, how is is first few weeks in November? And....if anyone wants to go during those weeks let me know? I'm a relatively newbie to the sport but have a strong rock climbing background. Have my own tools, crampons, harness etc but no ice screws. Been to Baker Seracs a few years back so I know the basics of ice climbing but want to get better at it. Live in Vancouver, email me at gotnoname at g mail dot com
  5. no warranty, but nothing wrong witn the jackets I'm willing to go down in price a bit...if worse comes to worse I'll use them.
  6. I went to the factory sale and purchased 2 jackets. 1. Arc'Teryx Alpha SV Jacket, Mens Large, sangria colour, asking price $475(CDN): http://www.gearreview.com/shop/prod_details.php?sku=ARC0107 http://www.mtntools.com/cat/techwear/SoftShell/arcteryxgammamxhoody.htm 2. Arc'Teryx Gamma MX Hoody, Mens's Large, Sangria colour, asking price $350(CDN): http://www.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?group=Softshells?=1273 http://www.mtntools.com/cat/techwear/SoftShell/arcteryxgammamxhoody.htm These are amazing jackets...so why am I selling them? Sigh... I brought them home, wore it around the house for a few days and realized they were too big for me . I also have a regular size Borea that I've used for 2 years going for $210. It is truly an amazing back-country bag: http://www.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?group=Packs?=1392 http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?FOLDER<>folder_id=676469&PRODUCT<>prd_id=196175&bmUID=1091861038758 I live in Vancouver, BC so if you VERY SERIOUS we can meet up for you to check the gear out. I'm pretty busy so please, only if you are serious. Email me if you are interested to discuss it or post here: gotnonameisalive@yahoo.com
  7. I noticed that the Theta is combination of Gore Paclite and XCR and the Sirrus is made of Paclite. Compared to the Marmot Precip, which has better breathability and waterproofness? Also, any opinions on Mountain Hardwear: http://www.mountainhardwear.com/www/action/catalog/DisplayStyle?id=346 http://www.mountainhardwear.com/www/action/catalog/DisplayStyle?id=554
  8. I have this bag (used a couple of days this spring), Rhyang do you mean you have the Sawtooth or the Helium?
  9. Any comments on this? http://www.backpackreviews.com/marmotsawtoothsleepingbagdegreedown.htm I was considering the Marmot Helium EQ and was wandering if I would get the same smell with it. BTW, does anyone has experience with the Helium? Could it act as a bivy as well? GNN
  10. fleblebleb, The night before we got to the top we had some snow. From the top to about 9000' it was pretty good snow. Thereafter, slopppy as heck. Still missing my camera.
  11. thanks all, I'll check the bags out. One thing I forgotten to mention, is that I also want some sort of waterproofness on the outer shell. I know of a thing called dryloft, is there any other technology/material out there? Do the bags you guys mention also have such a treatment?
  12. looking for new sleeping bag in 14 to 23 fahrenheit range. Weight and compressibility is my biggest issues. Will be using it for weekend backpacking/mountaineering/ski touring. Anyone have any comments?
  13. Sigh....I climbied Adams this wknd (May 22-24) and watched my new digital Canon A80 fall out from the top of the false summit down into main face. I know I'll never see it again, but if any of you kind climbers see it on the mountain please contact me: gotnonameisalive@yahoo.com Was a wonderful wknd, but I keep on thinking about my camera
  14. thank Dean. tomtom, not sure what you're trying to say. But if you want to know my route I'll try my best. It was my first time there so I hope my description is accurate. We had to park about 3.2 miles before cold springs campground. To get to the campground it was a mixture of skinning and hiking because of patchy snow. This was a ski-mountaineering trip. I believed we camped around 7200 ft. The next day we went for the summit. Near the false summmit I dropped my camera down the main face of the false summit and watch it roll down to a set of rocks and disappear. The rocks I speak of were skier's right of the slope.
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