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Why aren't there very many black climbers?


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This was hashed out here last year. Here were the results:


just wondering


Indeed it was. I did a search, but it was flawed and I didn't find it. Thanks.


Anyway, given the same topic, one seldom gets the same thoughts and opinions. There have been some interesting stories and observations.

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I think Minx is on to something.


Maybe a control would be in order. Take a sampling of blacks and whites who all had equal exposure from parents or roll models and then check out the results.


I was born in a house built by a Whitaker. Pops hung with Hornbein and had Ome Daiber working on the house ... drove me to Alaska in a VW van for 6 weeks when I was 7. My girlfriend blames him for my addictions.

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middle child, of three.


This is something I've thought about some. Before I got into climbing, my primary interest was bicycle racing, another lily-white sport. The only notable black guy I can think of in the sport was in the early 1900s, a famous racer named Major Taylor. (There was a track racer who was nationally prominent in the 1980's, Nelson Vails.)


It does seem like sports/interests are fairly segregated. As I think about it, I don't think I've ever noticed a black kid down at the local skate park, or in the pages of the one or two skateboard magazines I've looked at.

It could well be a lack of mentors, I suppose. My parents are the original non-outdoors types, but a guy I worked with (in a computer shop) got me interested.


But if you tend to hang out with people of your own socio-economic group, and your socio-economic group tends not to climb/bicycle/skateboard, chances are, you won't take it up.

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Dunno if you still skate or not, but DFA was down at a skate park in PDX recently (contemplating re-entering the most injurious sport ever after years of hiatus), and there were plenty of black kids kickflippin' and 50-50ing. Seems the Doctor recalls a good few of our African-American brethren in the mags, too, although definitely not a huge percentage.


Food for thought; not attackin' ya, FYI.

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