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I didnt want to reply to this for fear of contributing to what I so harshly criticized earlier but I just couldnt resist. Maybe there is a little sprayer hidden in me somewhere that I just need to get in touch with.


You are right Caveman, I am not a huge spray fan, and yes I am spraying now, but what I have an even harder time dealing with, and this is my problem and not yours, is not the spray, but the attitude from which it stems. I came across as more confrontational that I had intended. Forgive me if you can.


I just happen to think that in general people, myself included, tend to talk more than they act and I have a low tolerance for attitude and ego of any sort especially when it is not backed up with accomplishment and ability.


I guess I was just trying to encourage folks to get fired up and get after it more than anything. You do your thing and I will do mine. Do what you want as long as it doesnt affect those around you in a gegative way and dont let your experience hinder that of others if at all possible.


Word to Cavemans Mom



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