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  1. even Fred knows...

    no, just a local old-schooler. Ed only gets out to take pictures these days
  2. even Fred knows...

    its always nice in California. how's the weather up there? when you're older than old school you don't need a harness can't complain about sunny cragging in february... "good grief. that guy's old" c'mon down and check it out...
  3. Accident at Index

    jeez gene, i haven't heard from you in all this time and now i read this. i'm glad to hear you're okay, i hope those washington doctors are treating you well. sorry i wasn't around to help. i guess my airtime on the ringing flake doesn't seem so bad now--but it was the last time i was on the lower wall. get well soon and get yourself back to california, the sierras are missing you. cheers, Jay
  4. Beach climbing along Hwy 101?

    drop me a line when you get to sonoma county if you're looking for partners and i'll come out and meet you.
  5. Beach climbing along Hwy 101?

    how far south are you heading? there's some decent rocks all the way down to sonoma and marin county as well. goat rocks, dry creek crag, fisk mill cove, and mickey's beach to name a few.
  6. Narrow Arrow

    yeah, it sure is a drag when your partner falls with you hanging below, eh michelle?
  7. Alpental ice???

    yeah, that's the one. we did it with a 50m though and had no problems.
  8. Alpental ice???

    we found a good half-pitch to scratch our way up just down from the rap wall yesterday. the ice took some decent screws in spots and there was some steep snow and cool mixed moves for added spice. it wasn't much, and most everything else in the area was pretty depressing, but hey, we were ice climbing in washington--what more can you ask for?
  9. free couch

    naw man, its fresh. unless you're looking for the funk, but then i'm sure we can make it smell however you want.
  10. free couch

    i got a full-length super comfortable couch that's in decent shape if anyone's interested. its a vintage corduroy, and its even been slept on, among other things, by fred beckey. come get yourself a bit of cascades history, free of charge. who wants it?
  11. Joshua Tree Selected Routes

    be sure to put hemingway buttress on the list. right off the road, sunny and warm in winter, and classic lines overseer, white lightning, and poodles are people too.
  12. Help....Tendon Injury

    as your physician, i also advise you to drink heavily...
  13. Good rock climbers don't live in Washington...

    There's no reason to bring me into this.... aww c'mon sean, i've seen you climb and know at least 4 or 5 climbers worse than you...i might even need 2 hands to count them all! and way to ruffle some feathers there, dru. nice. that's hitting pretty close to home ragging on index like that.
  14. Stuart, West Ridge beta

    guess that depends on how you define pleasure. in my book they were hot dusty slogs with a little snow on the side. but then again, everyone sees things differently in the mountains...
  15. What Approach shoes/boots climb the best?

    garmont vettas kick ass! they're basically a hightop version of the sticky weekenders. i took them out of the box and straight up stuart and they worked great. i wore them the whole time except for the gendarme and they climbed very well, and were almost as light as matt's air zooms and super comfortable. they cost a bit much if you pay retail, but man were my feet happy. until the end, that is, when i made them slog over long's pass--man does that ever suck.