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Boston explosions


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Well, I recall positing that it didn't sound like Al Qaeda, nothing more, and the bombers' motives remain unknown to the public at this point, so there's that. Doesn't seem to be much of an Al Qaeda connection, although FOX says they 'may have been inspired' by their website, 'Inspire'.


Not sure how the Christian thing crept in there. It probably wouldn't be unheard of for me to take a potshot our favorite home grown cult, but it's usually for something they've actually done. Perhaps the Kaka can produce the offending prediction from his personal database, or just PM FW for same.


So far, it would seem that my record for being right still stands at 108% of the time.

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There's no shortage of violent ideologies, both secular and religious, that have been inspiring otherwise normal, sane people to commit acts of violence that they wouldn't have otherwise for all of recorded history and then some.


It's not difficult to comprehend in the sense that it clearly happens all the time, even if I can't personally imagine believing in whatever ideology has inspired the latest batch of killers, much less being inspired to engage in violence by them. If only crazy people committed acts of mass violence, we'd be living in a much, much more peaceful world than we do or ever have.



what's rather strange and akilter with the above sentiments of yours is that the sociopathy on display in boston so very much pales to the sociopathy that you supported with the invasion of iraq.


let's see... two misguided youth in support of whatever ideology they might have been supporting: 3 dead a few tens wounded;


1 misguided man and his cronies, along with the american public, in support of a miguided ideology: a few hundred thousand dead, many more wounded, and millions displaced.


who's really crazy in this crazy world?


Hey - Look who's back in Spray!


1. "The Immune System," by Peter Parham is a great, concise reference on Immunology. I just started working through it, and after the 1st chapter my thought was, there's no way that that Kimmo guy could possibly continue to entertain his anti-vaccine stance after finishing this book. Prove me wrong!


2. Just don't have time to relitigate that case again these days, but if you're feeling inspired, maybe you can explain how that same line of reasoning doesn't implicate the Civil War, WWII, etc?



I think the starting point for evaluating the organized use of violence are (1)the ends one hopes to achieve, and once you move beyond a moral assessment of the ends, you have to move onto a consideration of (2)the means used to achieve them, and then conclude with (3) an evaluation of what the war actually achieved in practice.


If someone claims that 1 and 2 are irrelevant, and all ends/means are morally equivalent, then persisting in a conversation with them is about as appealing to me as having a discussion about arithmetic with someone who claims that 2+2 = "Milkshake." If someone concedes that ends and means actually matter, and you need to take them into account when assessing point 3, then I could probably have an interesting conversation with them, at least in theory. But, as I said, I just don't have the time or the inclination to pursue that kind of conversation here anymore.


If you want to meet in person, after you've read Parham, *and* you buy the drinks I'll listen to you defend both points. E.g. that vaccines cause Autism and that I'm a sociopath, shoot me a PM I'll try to find the time.


Happy Reading.


yup, back to say hi to all my friends.


would only a crazy person compare the iraq invasion to ww2? certainly seems that way, if that one uses the metrics you propose for establishing a defense for using an organized military action. i think i'd much rather prefer a conversation with someone who claims 2+2=milkshake, since they'd probably have something more interesting to say.


and instead of me reading your suggested book, why don't you go back and read the thread where you seemingly got the mistaken idea someone here supports the notion that vaccines cause autism. after that, i'd be happy to buy you a drink. what's your preferred beverage?


Hmmm - I wasn't intentionally tossing you into an anti-vaccine category that you don't belong in - it's just hard to keep them all straight.


I did come away with the impression that you were interested in understanding how the immune system actually functions - maybe I was mistaken. If not, book I mentioned seems to strike a good balance between being thorough enough to cover all of the important ground and concise enough for someone with limited free time to actually get through it.


Anyhow - if you change your mind, it's a good resource.






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