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26 dead in Connecticut elementary school


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Yes - the problem with battleship sized pumps isn't so much the visuals - its the Clydesdale effect. Limit yourself to lawns, wood chip paths, and other soft surfaces - or glue rubber pads at the strike points, and you'll be able to sneak up on at least hearing impaired people.


It also pays not to be extremely ugly. Galena was/is that, by any measure. Think Steve Buscemi gene spliced with Tom Petty, then put through a terrible farm accident.


Also, hold the tittering.


And don't scratch where your balls used to be. Ever.



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What a bunch of BS. How about a baseball bat, a chair, a good kick in the head, a fire extinguisher, your old softball trophy, whatever! A dozen people - really?


How about teachers that want it, can have a bottle of mace in their desk drawer, pocket/purse, whatever?


Sure. That ain't gonna kill anyone. My wife's a teacher and doesn't reach that level of paranoia. Though she worked in Montana doing field work for 5 years dodging grizzlies with no armament so I suspect she is fine.

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What, with Gay Weed, Guns, n God's new underemployment, is the Age of Right Wing Fantasy Bullshit really ending? Are the adults really in the building after all these years?


Could it be that the dumber 50% are being dragged, kicking and streaming, into the modern world, Lord? Could it be?



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