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Banks Lake Ice


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Dear All,


I was out at Banks yesterday (5 January) and things are coming in. The Punch Bowl, PeeWee's Playground, even the Cable, were in adequate climbing shape. The problem is the current NOAA forcast shows a warming trend this coming week--supposed to be in the high 30s F out there and raining by mid-week, then it gets cold again. So it is possible that what is in right now might fall down by mid-week. But if the forecast is wrong, etc., then next weekend things could be pretty good.




Bob Loomis, Spokane, WA

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Climbed Banks yesterday. I believe we were in the Peewee's Playground area. Lots of ice is coming in. A few things are in now, with a lot of climbs wet or almost touching down. With continued cold temps I expect it should be fantastic this weekend. I'm going out again tomorrow and will post an update.

H2O2 looked climbable, but a bit discontinuous and thin. apparently it got climbed Sunday and there was a fatality.

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Went over for the weekend with Joe 19/20th, and got a chance to climb with Bob who drove out each day. We heard Shitting Razorblades was in and since Joe had done it last time it was in we figured it was a good place to start.


Being a trio we climbed it in three pitches Joe got us started

1st pitch


I got 2nd pitch



Bob coming up pitch 2


Bob on pitch 3


I was last to rap while I was coming down Bob and Joe were already scoping out a line to the left off of second tier.


Joe decided to giver fun line to end a great day on!


Sunday we finished off the trip at Pee Wee's

What a fun weekend good ice and great partners!

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Was out on Thursday climbed a plastic H202 then drove over to check out Clockwork Orange only to find the second pitch had fallen off. I remembered reading something about Moses Coulee being in so we decided to go check it out. Climbed Sundance Kid the ice was pretty rotten neat setting.



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