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  1. Anybody been on Adams lately was thinking of taking my son there for a snowboarding trip if snows still OK. We would camp at lunch counter so just back down the south spur from summit. Thanks Jason
  2. Adams South Spur Conditions?

    Thanks for the report!
  3. Banks Lake Ice Report

    Nice work Wayne & company!
  4. Banks Lake Ice Report

    Heads up if anyones going out there I imagine there's quite a bit of stuff falling. The showering water and ice wasn't bad when we started but by the end of the day it gained speed! My first experience with the zenith that is an awesome route hope it can survive and come back this season.
  5. Banks Lake Ice Report

    Thanks for the report Scott! Out there today lots of ice to be had get it while you can hope cold returns.
  6. Banks Lake Ice Report

    Anyone been out there Wednesday or today wondering how things are holding up? Thanks
  7. Trip: Stanley Headwall - Nemesis Date: 4/13/2013 Trip Report: Went up for a quick trip to the Stanley Headwall to climb Nemesis with Daniel Shaw & Joe Lind. We left after work on Friday bivied, climbed and drove home. It gave the full effect including some spindrift. Amazing route! Great time strong partners. Gear Notes: Usual suspects Approach Notes: Skis (survival ski style if your a gumby like me)
  8. Trip: Canada - Date: 3/8/2013 Trip Report: Went up to Field with Joe Pilsner Super Bock Oh the horror we climb on Cobras and not Nomics must be because we are from Idaho and don't know any better. Gear Notes: Screws & draws Approach Notes: Drive north
  9. [TR] Canada - 3/8/2013

    No on Snowshoe time and snow conditions didn't line up. Dave I thought a Nomic comment might bring you out of the woodwork.
  10. Nice one Dave! Starting to set the hook I see!
  11. Hyalite Ice Conditions

    Nice WorK!
  12. Banks Lake Ice

    Thanks that's kinda what I suspected looks like I'll stay in Coeur d'Alene and do beach bouldering at Tubbs Hill.
  13. Banks Lake Ice

    Besides "Chucky" any word on how the ice is holding up? Thanks
  14. Montana Ice Forum

  15. Montana Ice Forum

    Since it's down can anyone tell me what conditions are like good I would imagine. Thanks
  16. Banks Lake Ice

    Was out on Thursday climbed a plastic H202 then drove over to check out Clockwork Orange only to find the second pitch had fallen off. I remembered reading something about Moses Coulee being in so we decided to go check it out. Climbed Sundance Kid the ice was pretty rotten neat setting.
  17. Went by on Thursday to see about giving it a try only to find the second pitch missing.
  18. Banks Lake Ice

    Cool thanks
  19. Banks Lake Ice

    Any word on conditions? Things better, worse or same? Thanks Jason
  20. Banks Lake Ice

    Went over for the weekend with Joe 19/20th, and got a chance to climb with Bob who drove out each day. We heard Shitting Razorblades was in and since Joe had done it last time it was in we figured it was a good place to start. Being a trio we climbed it in three pitches Joe got us started 1st pitch I got 2nd pitch Bob coming up pitch 2 Bob on pitch 3 I was last to rap while I was coming down Bob and Joe were already scoping out a line to the left off of second tier. Joe decided to giver fun line to end a great day on! Sunday we finished off the trip at Pee Wee's What a fun weekend good ice and great partners!
  21. Trip: Selkirk Crest - The High Traverse Date: 8/5/2012 Trip Report: Did the High Traverse with Joe last Sunday it was a hot one. It is casual the fin section was good you sure get a perspective of the amount of rock in the Selkirks when your up there. The short approach to Bee Hive Dome The traverse from top of Bee Hive Dome Heading to the fin The fin Harrison Lake nice place to cool off the feet Looking back at Bee Hive Dome Gear Notes: 30M rope 3 cams & 3 tri cams for the fin Approach Notes: Follow route description in Laird NI Climbers Guide
  22. [TR] Selkirk Crest - The High Traverse 8/5/2012

    You prob already went and tagged it but here's what I brought tricams pink red blue Cams the set I have are mixed so sz# not sure just go small med and up to 3" and you got it made. Sounds like the Camalots you have listed cord to sling blocks helpful also approach shoes good Giver! Have Fun!
  23. [TR] Selkirk Crest - The High Traverse 8/5/2012

    Approach shoes, I hear lichen and run away shoes don't play well together. 6h45m c2c
  24. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    According to a postage scale 6oz lighter than older models per boot sz44 not sure how accurate scale is. Lighter none the less. Lower profile so toe box is different. Feet are closer to crampon so climb better I think. Warmer and the goretex is a nice feature. Older version are still an awesome boot not much they could improve on the Nepals! This is why after trying on quite a few boots I stuck with these. Out with the old in with the new
  25. Go-To Alpine/Glacier Boots

    Nepals are definately a great boot if they fit your foot. I also climb everything from volcanos to ice/mixed with them. I finally just upgarded from the older one to the newer evo this season new ones are nice. I did try the Scarpa MB also very nice close fit and similar boot just went with the nepal since I've had another pair. Extra ankle support is nice to have on long ice routes also. Either boot will will get the job done just come down to fit.