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Had Your Flu Shots Yet?


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if you do stop toking (assuming this is the problem), you will actually be able to recover your critical thinking skills.


but possibly only up to a point. the longer the initial problem has existed, the harder the recovery. but, this is no excuse to not try, because some damage can absolutely be reversed. it might take time, possibly a year or more, but it's worth it.


What is shocking to me is that you can't even defend your position with anything other than emotive, unsubstantive and ad hominem responses. You should maybe go for a walk and clear your head -- don't worry, we all think you're really smart and we'll give you another chance! Life is hard, isn't it? :)


what does the above have to do with defending my position?


i'm just worried about your pot use, and the effect it's having on your brain.

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WE BELIEVE IN AMERICA (kind of self evident, no? But we all know the part they left out..."AND THE OTHER GUYS DON'T")


GOP Platform 2012


"...we believe that marriage, the union of one man and one woman must be upheld as the national standard, a goal to stand for, encourage, and promote through laws governing marriage. We embrace the principle that all Americans should be treated with respect and dignity."




I guess the secession movement is just one more way to show you believe.



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WE BELIEVE IN AMERICA (kind of self evident, no?)


GOP Platform 2012


"...we believe that marriage, the union of one man and one woman must be upheld as the national standard, a goal to stand for, encourage, and promote through laws governing marriage. We embrace the principle that all Americans should be treated with respect and dignity."




not to be rude and all, but any chance you could take your republican obsession over to the republican obsession thread?


thanks, appreciated!

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I do like the notion that a Massachusetts ambulance chaser has discovered that AIDS came from polio vaccines.

The OPV AIDS hypothesis was thoroughly investigated by people who lent the concept credibility until the science soundly repudiated it. You can make a far better case that OPV contamination by SV40 may be involved with some cancers - but not AIDS.


Sorry Joseph, I should have said "like" rather than like. You know, sarcasm invocation.

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If I had to offer one suggestion - it would be to translate some of the energy you've got around vaccination into acquainting yourself with the scientific knowledge that mankind has amassed about how the immune system actually functions. Starting with a review paper that addresses the evolution of innate and adaptive immunity is a great way to put all of the different players and their function in context. When you're done with that, then move onto a textbook that addresses their function in fine detail.


-Very good review article on the evolution of adaptive immunity:







i'm evidently interested in this stuff, so i'll read your recommended link.


curious about your own readings?


somewhat interesting read for the science types (scroll down to View from the other side and "scientific proofs":




and what you said earlier is a big piece of the puzzle: "some" are susceptible to vaccine injury. some are seemingly not. what the difference is, we aren't entirely sure of, are we? and we aren't sure of the degree of injury that might occur, right? some are obvious: death, loss of limb, brain damage, tissue loss; if there are such overt injuries, are you really willing to say that there might not be more subtle injuries that are harder to connect to vaccines?


what do you say about the thousands(?) who have been reimbursed billions by the federal vaccine court, and the many more who have had their claims denied (and have no further recourse) as they grapple with either the loss of their child, or permanent injuries? do you say "well sorry, this is the price we pay as a society. we must sacrifice a few to the gods every year to protect everyone else. i know it seems barbaric, but it's what we must do. there is NO OTHER WAY."


the above rings hollow when basic research into safety, comparative studies between vax and non-vax kids, isn't done. i'd LOVE to see vaccines safe, and i do truly believe we can do more to ensure that, but it seems the priority right now is to put the blinders on (maybe that's the agency's pr face?) and deny deny deny the need for doing anything.



Re reading: I'm light years away from being an expert, but it's been part of the background noise in places where I've been working for a long time so I can generally connect the jargon/lingo/acronyms with the biology. If someone tosses out terms like opsonization, adjuvants, MHC, TLR, titer, etc I understand what they are talking about. Having said that - I've "Work my way through a immunology textbook" on my to do list for years, and could certainly stand to benefit from following my own advice and refreshing the picture by picking up the textbook I linked.


Having said that - that's enough to know that virtually all of the "toxins" that I hear people I consider less than knowledgeable becoming alarmed about, like aluminum salts - are adjuvants that basically amplify the "intruder alert" signal generated when the immune system detects a non-self antigen, and allow the vaccines to generate a higher level of immune protection with less of the specific antigen, etc.


As far as vaccine-injuries are concerned, they do occur and there can be legitimate reasons for people with known adverse reactions to them to carefully consider their vaccination practices. The best information I know about regarding the incidence and severity of vaccine injuries is here:



IMO the data supports the medical consensus that the cost benefit calculations overwhelmingly favor vaccination, and they are probably the single most cost effective way to save lives and money that medical science has ever devised - but I am not in favor of making being vaccinated a government enforced condition of existence. People should be able to refuse them, but the rest of society is within their rights to refuse them admission to public schools, etc.


As far as the claims are concerned, I think that there's probably relatively little connection between the dollar value of claims paid via the NCVIA and the actual incidence and severity of injuries due to vaccination, but I'd have to look at the data first.



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Isn't it your party that views women as reproductive chattle, KKK? Or have you defected recently? Or is the abortion issue really not about forcing women to have children they neither want nor are prepared to raise, and making the birth control that would prevent that as difficult as possible to get?


Or have I somehow misinterpreted the GOP's ant-abortion anti-birth control agenda?


Oh wait, neither abortion nor birth control appear ANYWHERE in the GOP's 2012 platform. Funny...that's all GOP candidates seem to talk about, and that's at the very heart of the GOP's legislative social agenda - with more than 500 anti-abortion and birth control measures in federal, state, and local legislative bodies just last year.


Hmmmmm. Probably just a typo.


I like a party that lies through omission to confuse less informed voters. When you're selling a turd in an shoe box, the least you can do is put a bow on it.



Whoops! Anti-abortion stances are ALL OVER THAT SHIT. Didn't realize how much the GOP is against - its a long fucking list!


Sorry, GOP! Didn't realize how big your douchebag agenda really is!

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"We will strongly enforce anti-discrimination statutes and ask all to join us in rejecting the forces of hatred and bigotry."


"...Congressional Republicans took the lead in enacting the Defense of Marriage Act, affirming the right of States and the federal government not to recognize same-sex relationships licensed in other jurisdictions."


2012 GOP Platform

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