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is "spray" dead?


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don't spend much if any time in this part of cc.c, but just noticed that it has been 2.5 days since the last posting in spray. usually 3 minutes can't go by before something pops up.


Is this forum (or cc.com in general) getting old and stale?


Have we found better things to do like climb and ski? I hope so.

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Since when did you trade PK's for beer?
Since it became a whole fuq'n lot easier to get beer in Dubai than it was to get all of the required ingredients for PKs in Dubai, that's when. It was a fuq'n bitch locating a cocktail shaker, too. Arabs don't know what one is, and I couldn't really explain it in my pidgeon Farsi. Closest I got to a shaker was a blender, and there was no way I was going to lug that POS to KDH in a few days. So I just gave up and settled for beer. ;)


BTW you confusing threads?
Nope. Gene was wondering what had happened to Spray, so I was just logging on to fulfill what I saw as a need. Not really a Sobo Update, nor a Hey Sobo, What Time Is It? response, so it seemed appropriate to post it here... :)
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