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[TR] Lookout Mt Redux - 1/28/2012


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Trip: Lookout Mt Redux -


Date: 1/28/2012


Trip Report:




With Snowpocalypse II in the forecast, what’s a brother to do but strap on the long shoes and make the pilgrimage a second time?

Only one partner this time, but when that partner is a Cyborg Snowplow Mutant from the Future, that’s enough.


Weighty with dank nugz mined from the blogsphere, Josh and I headed out to put our new layering systems, training regimens, and optimized nutritional programs to the test. Uncage the Naya!



Beyond Gu


With about a foot of new the breaking wasn’t bad at all, particularly since Cyborg Mutant did all of it. I think he's still missing a puke-ready workout opportunity by not strapping on a kettlebell before skinning up, but some folks just won't bother to squeeze out that last 10% out of their potential, ya know? Kids these days!


Conditions were chilly (teens), the snow better than two weeks ago, and the avi hazard toned down a bit.


During a frenetic magic minute photo shoot that evening, I found out after that fact that I’d been testing my new camera’s ‘erase upon taking’ setting, so I came away with almost nothing. Hopefully, Josh will chime in with some of his visual goodness…the evening was nothing short of hallucinogenic.


Down river



Towards Little Devil


I slipped into my bag upon arrival and immediately began the snoring. This drove Josh out of the lookout for 2500’ of pow by headlamp runs. I heard him coming up the ladder and, not realizing he’d gone out, tried to wake the lump I thought was him yelling “we have visitors!” He came in thinking ‘WTF?’ and it took about 5 minutes to establish that we were still operating within the same universe.


That evening the weather came in to sheath a scimitar moon and even pissing became an adventure.


The following morning Josh and I collaborated on a pyrotechnic art installation involving a beat to shit old pot, lots of leftover candle wax, and a fire starter.


Dr. Kaplan in the Lab


After ignition we dubbed our creation:


The Fukushima


In true Angry Hairless Monkey fashion, our brain-spawn eventually altered our environment to better suit our Equatorial origins with surprising few carcinogenic emissions, although we might skip the Ziplock-as-alternative-energy-source next time.


Fukushima Fallout


To escape the sweltering heat, we began our descent. We were able to ski down to within 300’ or so of the car.


3000’ of pow


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Nearly spit out my beer laughing when I read this.


...not realizing he’d gone out, tried to wake the lump I thought was him yelling “we have visitors!”


Yeah, apparently not telling your buddy you are leaving to go ski in the pitch dark can have unintended humorous consequences. It's tons o' fun, however. :moondance:


Though I am disappointed I left my kettle bells and portable Jazzorcise system at home... Thankfully the performance supplied by the Gu replacement made up for my lack of a X-Fit styled, B&W photo documented, training regiment.



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