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2011 in 10 Minutes - My Year in Photos


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Now that we're wrapping up 2011, I find myself looking back on one of the greatest years of my life. Here is a 10-minute slideshow featuring some lasting memories that I got to share with many of my good friends in 2011. I did not include every photo (not even close), nor did I include every trip for the sake of brevity. I hope you enjoy viewing it half as much as I enjoyed living it. Thanks to all my friends who came along for the ride.. I am fortunate to know each and every one of you and to be able to call you my friends. Here's to 2012, and the great things that are sure to come in the new year and beyond. Cheers!


The slideshow contains a mix of hiking, climbing, and skiing so if that's not your thing..


The 720p HD version is available for viewing on Vimeo. It will only let me embed 480p below.




Thanks to all my hiking, climbing, and skiing partners this year - Dan S, Wayne W, Lane B, Geoff F, Sean M, Carla S, Yana R, "Iron" Mike H, Mike C, Josh H, Franklin B, Eric J, Doug H, Moira A, Matt B, Gabriel D, Don D, Stefan F, Greg K, Mike Z, Craig P, Tim S, Dane B, Marko P, Norm B, Don B, Don & Natala G, John P, Martin S, Eric E, Trevor W, Fay P, Fred B, Erin B, Sergio V, Nastia B, Roy M, Jeff H, Nicholas C, Jack A, and Bryan S.

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Hey dougd


Some nice pics and looks like a nice year.

Can you tell me what peak that is in the fourth photo from the bottom?


Thanks, yes, it was a very good year.


Ivan's right of course, 4th from the bottom is Shuksan's summit pyramid, taken from about midway on the Sulphide glacier.





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more, more, more!


I've enjoyed all the pics proffered so far. Tom, looks like a very committed year of climbing, the rewards obvious. Pat, your photography reveal not only a good eye but serious thought. Ivan, I really enjoyed yours as well especially the exposure on the Captain. Chris, your beautiful Halfdome pic reminded me of the great memories from my week spent at the Hodgdon meadows campground and hiking as many trails as I could throughout the valley in spite of the harsh late spring weather encountered in May 2010... The weather cleared toward the end of my week enough for climbers to get back on El Cap and I just laid in the meadow in the sun, looking up, watching for hours...


Ultimately,it is about the memories isn't it...


C'mon now ppl, don't be shy...







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