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Video of Steck soloing Ginat on Le Droites earlier


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Normally you rap/down climb/walk off the back side in the gully (Breche des Doites) where Steck finishes in the video and walk home. That would require another couple hr ski in to retrieve your skiis when you have time. Steck obviously would have a lot of spare time compared to most :) Now a days many just carry small skis up the route and rap a bit then ski back to the valley and hitch to Cham. Bunch of ways to do it though. My understanding is:


"We (Helicopter) dropped Ueli's skis off the south side of the mountain so after descending the South side he picked his skis up at the shrund and skied back down to town, Jon"


Back in town for lunch? Mind you that is 1000m of ice and mixed up to M5 (once considered the hardest mixed climb in the Alps. Still with a very good reputation) and done in 2 hrs] by Steck as a "fun" climb, not a speed ascent!


A friend who had done the climb once described it as doing something similar to "The lower face is ike doing the North Face of Athabasca, then Takkakaw Falls, then Cascade". Then with another patch of snow slope to get to the Breche des Doites. All three climbs stacked on top of one another of course.


Parapente is a common decent as well and likely faster :)

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